Need some ideas or resources

I know there are others like me in this boat, so I'm hoping there are those who can give me some ideas; and others also. My husband is 65 diagnosed last year with T2 on Metformin and Lovastatin. I am almost 62 and a 16 year veteran of diabetes. I am on Janumet, humalog. Dh was laid off about two months ago, I am disabled from something other than diabetes. He was going to retire in September and I have to switch from SSI to Soc Sec in June on my 62 birthday. But thanks to the circumstances we are now clamoring as to where to get our meds, testing supplies and how to pay for our office visits until those dates. Our clinic is pretty generous, but I don't know for how long. DH is VERY hyper sensitive about this right now, and it's causing him great stress which doesn't help his numbers. This is the BEST he has cared for himself in 36 years of marriage....and we both want to be around for many years. Does anyone have ideas where or how we could get some help for meds and supplies? Just asking thanks

Best wishes and good luck sdkate. All excellent comment, questions and concerns.
My heart goes out to you both and wish you all the luck and fortune fighting through this.