Disease Management... Corp. disaster!


I just read a post and answered to it. After my thoughts last night to go see a dr finally and get a “proper diagnoses” maybe more help controlling this dis-ease.
I’m going to really have to think this thing through alot more. Talk to Stephen… I dont want my medical condition to affect his retirement from the Air Force in a few years!
I know that so many things affect the “sponsor’s” career. I’ve already seen some things happen as it is. Coming from a military family and watching my own family go through retirement, the military medical refusals for my parents to the point where they went “over the border” to a different country to get medicine. I dont want to put Stephen through that later in life.

For the past 3 years, I’ve kept my bloodsugar under fair control. Most of my A1C tests
(bought over the counter) have ranged from 5.7 to my highest being 6.8. I’ve been following very loosely a low carb/with white meats and sometimes vegetarian/or vegan diet. Mainly lots of veggies/fruits with the occasional meat.

When or if I do go see a dr… my first A1C will be from how I’m currently eating. ( which is not the norm for someone coming in for an “initital” diagnoses for diabetes.)
Will whatever Dr I get take all of this into consideration?
Will I be labled as some ignorant person? Sometimes, I feel like dr’s just want to automatically “judge” you with death. Slow death so long as they make money off of you along with the insurance company and the big pharmacies.
I guess I’ll be sitting down to more heart to heart with my biggest blessing in life.
My husband,:slight_smile: Stephen. My always hero.