Need some insurance help - recommended private plans


Hi everyone,

My company may be changing insurance, which may end up really screwing up my life. Do any of your know about private/individual insurance plans that people can take out that have really great coverage for people with diabetes? I’m trying to explore my non-group policy based options so I don’t have to go into the poorhouse for simply wanting Flexpens and test strips. I guess Blue Cross has spoiled me a little bit.

Anyway, I’d really like to find a plan that:
A) Is for a single individual, ie. not employer based
B) Covers all testing supplies, hopefully at 100%
C) Covers meds at a reasonable level
D) Covers pumps and pump supplies at a more than reasonable level.

If I can’t find anything good, and my new coverage doesn’t work for me, I’m going to have to turn in my PWD card and ask my pancreas to start working again because this is just financially too difficult.

Thanks for any help you can provide!!

PS - I think I make to much money to qualify for assistance, and too little money to do anything other than pay rent and eat… I think I’m the subject of a Michael Moore film


I know that unless you are willing to COBRA your current insurance or find a similar plan through the same company within the 30 days, it is impossible to get coverage as a PWD. We are considered “uninsurable” because we cost too much. Someone else might have a different suggestion, but that has been my personal experience.

  1. Take the COBRA option. You’ll get coverage for 18 months at a higher cost, but at least your benefits stay the same.
  2. Research individual policies from health insurance providers (there are two types - guaranteed issue, and medically underwritten). Medically underwritten policies are very tough to get with a medical pre-condition. If you can get an affordable guaranteed issue policy(they are expensive!), start the policy right away. why? Because some guaranteed issue policies have a 12 month waiting period for pre-conditions i.e. any claim involving a pre-condition will not be paid for.
  3. At the end of 12 months (from the time you started on COBRA), the guaranteed issue individual policy should start paying for your pre-condition.
  4. PLease check the insurance options you have in your state at

As always, this is just information. Please verify the laws in your state and get professional opinion.


Thanks for the info, guys, but unfortunately COBRA won’t work. Since we’d be stopping our old good policy, there’d be nothing to COBRA - if the group policy doesn’t exist anymore, than you can’t continue it via COBRA. It’s a pretty bad situation - especially for people whose companies close or eliminate group benefits because they are then left without any options except to set out on their own or get public assistance.

I’m hoping that I’m just being an alarmist and I will get the same benefits under a new plan. And a magic free OmniPod. OmniPods for all!! iPods for all, too!!