Private Insurance

I am in Calif. And I have gotten laid off. My temp agency has a really crappy insurance plan.

Has anybody tried to obtain private insurance w/your diabetes and what were your results? I am trying to compare the cost of getting private insurance or staying with COBRA...

What were the pros vs the cons

My COBRA just finished ( Blue Cross,Blue Shield ) my Covage was great (Endo,Pump ,supplies) very little out of pocket. Paid something like $200.00 a month. Now I have to switch over to private its $325.00 a month and I have to pay a lot more out of pocket for supplies and have to change my Endo because hes not in thier network . Stay with COBRA FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN. I’m still tring to find a better deal for private .

US Healthcare is really good but they want over $500.00 a month.


A lot of it depends on what state you live in, and whether you take insulin. I’m moving soon and I found that I couldn’t buy good private insurance in California on an individual or family plan since I take insulin. One insurer told me that I could apply, and when they rejected me they’d send me a packet for enrolling in their pre-existing conditions plan, but the details of it were terrible - high premium, 40% coinsurance, and a high deductible. However, I found I can get group insurance for a small business with little hassle. What they do in that case is charge a 10% premium for “pool risk,” but since my company has 2 people, they already include this premium. It’s not ideal, but I’ll take it :). Sad truth is you have a much better chance at getting reasonable private insurance if you’re a W2 employee.

It took a long time to get all the facts straight, but I made the most progress in my search when I decided to take an afternoon to call a few of the insurers directly. Just tell them you’re a diabetic, if you take insulin or not, that you currently have cobra, and ask if you can get private insurance. Some states, like New Jersey, have laws where they cannot deny you coverage for a pre-existing condition if you’ve had continuous insurance coverage for 6 months, so the fact that you have cobra now may help in some states. Make sure you speak to a certified insurance agent, and not just anyone in sales.

I am in California…cobra wants close to $600 from me alone! How they got this figure ====who knows…I have blue cross and it is wonderful like you said but 600 is going to hurt more… :slight_smile:

I am in CA!! I got laid off and now work for a temp company. The temp company caters to “employs that don’t worry about 401 k and retirement.” hint hint so they don’t have much of a plan that would really cover my pre existing condition. When I found out COBRA want $600 I hit the floor. So I am trying to find private insurance for a comparison. Good luck with your move…

WOW thats alot dose it cover everything .Do you have to come out of pocket for co-pay or percent of supplies? or since you are working the company will not pay half ?
My Cobra was half covered by my job after being laid off. Covered for 18 months

I am still looking for a better company will keep in touch to what I find out.

I will ask about Cali for you also ok. Maybe we can find one

cristalyn - check out the pre-existing conditions laws. best way is to call them up and ask. for me i couldn’t get individual insurance because i’m moving from new jersey into a new insurance pool in california, so the fact that i’m insured in new jersey doesn’t matter. however, it may be different if you were already insured in california.

Thanks a bunch!! my job was only covering cobra for as long as my severance package lasts. and its technically over. I wished my old company would cover half for 18 months. I will ask them again and see if they say anything different.


I have a private individual health policy (HealthNet) that’s offered throught the Health Reinsurance Network in the state of Connecticut. My monthly cost is ridiculous…$1,200 and looking to go up in the new year…but everything is covered, including all diabetes medications and supplies. This year alone, I’ve had 4 surgeries and numerous test/diagnostic procedures done and I only had to pay my co-pay. I get this through my job, which doesn’t offer a group plan, and if it wasn’t for that I would not be able to afford insurance…if I could even GET coverage.

I’ve checked with all the major plans and none would touch me because of my pre-existing condition. In fact, I met with my insurance agent (for car/renter’s policy) and we talked about options should I choose to quit my job and try to move on. Even she told me it would be next to impossible to get the type of coverage I have now for any less. That’s if I could get another provider to even consider me with the pre-existing health issues I have.

Private insurance pro- I have coverage…good coverage.

con- I couldn’t afford the monthly cost without help from my employer.

Wish I had something more helpful to offer. Good luck.

my situation is getting more bleak by the minute!!!


Deending on your situation, it may be best if you are denied coverage. I say may. Here is why. Under the new insurance law, states are starting high risk pools and for the msot part many of these plans are haivng difficulty picking up subscribers. SInce they are having difficulty many states are improving the cost of the hig risk pool in order to attrack more applicants.

Now these are plans of last resort, and some require rejection from other plans. What you might do is contact your state office that will adminster the the high risk pool and ask abouit requirements. These plans are meant for people such as us and they go in effect in ealry 2011. It maybe best to hold on,a nd take the bumps for a few weeks, depensing on when the state plan may be aviable.

rick phillips

some how it might be in my best interest to stay with my current health plan and try to pay the $600 a month. I thought I could find a cheaper plan that could offer some of the benefits. I think I will be due another surgery by next year. I hope I can find a permanent job by that time.

i hope so as well. One of the faults of the current law, is that expense is not a determinate of what is best. Perhaps as these state plans gain more foundation the issue of cost may be a factor that is considered cirtical.

rick phillips