Need some snack ideas

Since starting to work full time this week my sugars are dropping and I am not noticing until it is almost too late. Every mid morning this week it has dropped as low as 59. I am taking so much food with me to bring it up. I have teddy grahams, fun size m&m’s, pineapple snack pack, nutter butter cookies…but I am feeling really fat because I am eating so much to compensate. I know my basals need adjusting but my appt. isn’t until the 9th. I tweaked it a bit this morning b/c I was getting desperate. Any snack ideas???

Hi Regge,
Snacks that I like are the Special K cereal bars, 16 to 18 gms of carbs, Stonyfield O’Soy Strawberry or Peach Yogurt 4 oz cup, 16 gms of carbs and 5 gms of protein, the small 4 oz fruit juice boxes that have 14 to 16 gms of carbs depending of the brand and flavor,and the 4 oz fruit cups that range from 12 to 18 gms of carbs. The yogurt needs refrigeration but the others don’t which makes them easy to carry with you. All have built in portion control because of the container size and carbohydrate content. Good luck.

Today I did not bring my lunchbox. I am going to grab something in the cafeteria. But at the beginning of school I went to the vending machine and got a bottle of Mello Yello to keep my sugar up a little just to get me through the morning before lunch. I usually carry 2 capri suns in my lunch box though. The only thing about the full sugary drinks is that they make me really nauseated after I drink them. I will have to look into the yogurt. I had some pineapple fruit cups which I like pretty well. Thanks for your suggestions.

juicy juice boxes… honey roasted nuts… lifesavers… i think maybe this little bit of added activity could be the culprit for your lows… try consulting this fabulous book… “think like a pancreas”, by Gary Scheiner… great advice in there when you can’t get to your doctor fast enough… this book has really empowered me to do as i please with my own self adjustments because of the easy to use and understand formulas in there. talk to your doctor about being able to do your own tweaking whenever you feel a need. so many people seem so afraid to do just so. you shouldn’t ever feel guilty about being proactive in your own care. i commend you for making your own changes. you’re the one living with your body, not the doctor.
…i think Florian gave some good ideas there too.

I use to use candy to bring my sugars up. I switched to the glucose tabs if it isn’t to low and gel if it is 30 or less. I found that the candy solution wasn’t fast enough and I would over correct in and effort to reverse the downward trend. My BG would then raise to high. The glucose tabs and gel are more predicable. Although I am sure we all have different results.