What snacks work for you?

It seems that even 1/2 a larabar raises my sugar 60 points. I had 1/2 of a rice cracker with almond butter and that seemed to work. I don’t like cheese or dairy very much. Sometimes I’ll have a tangerine. I’m looking for something that I would eat 2-3 hours before a meal when my sugar is hovering between 90-100 and about to go down.

Thank you.

Lately, for that situation, I have had a yen for a Bartlett Pear as it is pretty easy on the BG and is a great source of fiber which I have been in deficiency.

To fine-tune BG I use Swedish Fish as each Swedish Fish raises my BG by 10 points.


Yes, I agree with @CJ114, fresh fruit is a good option and high in fiber, though not so portable. If I’m home, I will have a few mixed berries, pieces of apple, etc., when trending down.

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I eat a little fruit or roasted garbanzo beans.

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Usually a trend in either direction from my desired glucose (between 6-7 mmol/l) starts with extra exercise that I didn’t reduce my bolus and basal for and didn’t take additional glucose for, or enforced inactivity (like flying) that renders my insulin less active, or miscounting carbs which is very easy to do, or stress, or inexplicable factors that mystify me.

So if I am low and I need something quick, I take organic honey stingers sport chews (2 will bring me up from “trending low” to okay — for a while) or drink a juice box. I also keep a juice box at my bedside and will drink about 1/2 if I get a night-time low alert.

Chocolate peanut butter granola bars aren’t quite as fast acting and last a lot longer. I take all three sources of additional glucose with me if engaged in an endurance activity like biking, kayaking, skiing, hiking, etc. I bring at least 100 g of carbs when I head out for such activities.

If I’m trending high, I exercise if I can, 15-20 minutes on treadmill, or climb stairs, or exercise bike, or even walk. This works well if I’ve got some insulin on board. If exercise isn’t possible, I bolus through my pump, usually 1/2 to one unit, ever 20 minutes until I see a reversal. If I’m going sky- high I will bolus extra, but watch out below! If I have to be active later on.

Of course sometimes I overdo it one way or the other, and end up having to correct for my correction. Grr


Juice box.


I have fruits and cheese as snacks everyday.

I usually have a banana with oat bran in the morning, an apple in the afternoon and grapes in the evening. I’ll side them with some cheese in the first two.

I traveled for a week and fruit is as portable as any other snack. I wash it and take it with me. Would it be better not to carry an apple every so often? Absolutely. But I prefer to be on the precaution side :wink:


Agreed! And for me, a whole apple will send my glucose into the stratosphere. Which is not necessarily a bad thing if I’m self rescuing from an unexpected low.

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When I’m going low, I splurge and eat some M&Ms. The candy shell is quick, the chocolate is slower, and the peanuts are even slower yet. I do sometimes eat an apple or pear but that is not my first choice.

I know, my bad…

Fruit bars
Yogurt w granola but unsweetened

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Apples with peanutbutter
Plain yogurt blueberries
those kinds of things. Maybe crackers and cheese too.

I’m also trying these energy bites they’re called. They’re sort of called keto. Quest makes some snacks that are low carb, but they’re a little expensive. But I like them. Granola bars are too sweet though, i used to eat those if i was low or didnt have a meal. I’m not a big fan of granola bars, homemade trail mix is good though. Peanuts is good too.

thanks. These are the kinds of things I eat as well.


I have long had the history of severe drop in BS over night. Thank you Dexcom alarm. With “experimenting” prior to going to bed, if my BS is 150 or below I eat two teaspoons of strawberry preserves. I’ve tried the over the counter glucose tablets. But I’d have to take ten of them to get the same results.

WOW! Everyone’s diabetes is so different. 2 glucose tabs pretty much do it for me.


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This morning I had fasting labs. I carried my oral meds and breakfast to eat after the labs. I ate my breakfast which was about 10 g carbs more than usual at 8AM.

I did some errands and before I headed home (28 miles), I was hungry, not low, in the mid 90s. I stopped at a convenience store thinking about some packaged jerky. There was something called “Wild Bill’s Pork Belly Bites.” 3 servings in the bad for 9g carbs total. I did a bolus for 10g and ate the whole bag on the way home. My BG stayed under 110.

Probably not a good every day thing, but it was bacony deliscious. I still ate my regular lunch at Noon. Maybe the blood draw made me hungry :man_shrugging:


“Wild Bill’s Pork Belly Bites.” Have not seen those around my neighborhood with that Wild Bill branding. A grocery near me recently put in a cured meat vending machine stocked by a good butcher shop in the next county. The meat is a little pricey, my last buy was 2 pounds of pepperoni sticks for $20, but it is oh so good. I always check with the people at the store about when the machine was filled and buy the meat when its fresh.

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My snack now is piles of Peanut Butter on Celery sticks!

Hypoglycemic what a nasty animal , all of the above snaking suggestions appear to work. My 2 tablespoons of jelly is a what I do to try to keep from going low over night. The times that I have had a hypoglycemic event. The last dropping from 90 to 62 in 5 min. My cure has been 4 oz of cranberry juice.
*But recover still would take 30-45 minutes. This is all well and good , if I’m home. *
My last event I was in my chair when the alarm went off. I had to ask my wife to get my juice as I thought I would pass out it I tried to stand and get my juice.
*ALL OF THIS LEADS TO THE FOLLOWING. What would I have done in not at home. A little research brings the answer. GOOGLE GlucoseRevival. It’s a neckless that contains glucose jell