Need supplies for your art?

Dear Artistic Friends,

Does anyone need more supplies with which you can make art?

(OK, my English teacher would like the construction, but more comfortably...)

Do you need any supplies to make art with?

I run a small non-profit, Diabetic Supply Rescue, that recycles diabetic supplies. (See I acquire supplies from people who have extras and get them to people who don't have insurance. To keep our doors open, we sell test strips for much less than retail (around $15-18 for a box of 50). We also give away syringes, lancets, glucometers and other non-prescription supplies.

However, people often donate items I can't find homes for and I would love to see these items in works of art.

So, if anyone wants any of these items to use in their art, let me know, and I will ship them to you:

Lancets (always zillions more than we need)
EXPIRED test strips (the FDA forbids me from even giving them away for medical use, but surely they wouldn't mind if they were used for art.)
Glucometers and cases (Bedazzled meter cases?)
Infusion sets and reservoirs

I wish I had the time, energy, and talent to make cool art, but I don't. Maybe you can?