Need to change from Metformin due to kidney issues

I need to get off of Metformin after 5 years of success with it because my kidney function is dropping. My PCP recommended Tradgenta vs Glyburide because of the side effects with Glyburide - especially low blood sugar issues. With insurance Tradgenta is $278 every three months. Glyburide starts at $1…17 Is anyone using a different medication in the same class?
I am new to the board so I hope my question is appropriate. TY

Hello sue, welcome.
I don’t take these drugs but I understand kidney function.
Generally speaking your kidneys are struggling under the strain of voiding metformin. This sounds like a metformin issue but it really points to your kidneys. Some drugs are less hard on your kidneys but will be still a strain because your kidneys are struggling.

I suggest talking to your doctor about insulin because insulin does not strain your kidneys.

I don’t know if that is appropriate because I am not a doctor, but if it was me, I would consider that


Thanks. I have an appointment with a nephrologist in a little while.

Welcome to the group. Your pharmacist may be another person to talk with. Sometimes we need to do “ our homework “. Education is knowledge in this disease. Welcome,Nancy50

Sue is my best friend, and she has been the biggest supporter to me in all the years I’ve had diabetes. In fact, she can recognize when I go low much faster than I can!

Sue has a history of T2 on her mother’s side, and a history of kidney failure (not due to diabetes) on her father’s side. We’re trying to figure out the best medication for her to take that a) won’t worsen the kidney disease and b) won’t cause a lot of lows. She is not overweight, exercises regularly (I should be as good about it as she is!) and was probably hypoglycemic for most of her life. So this is kind of new territory for both of us.

I suggested she post here because there are so many of you who are much better than I am at research, plus there’s the fact that at my age, I pretty much forget everything the minute I read it, lol.

I will also contact my own doctor and see if he can shed any light on what would be the best oral meds for her, but any insights any of you have would be most welcome.

Thank you. I was thinking about you asking your doctor.

Definitely will do.

This is the current ‘best practice’ for T2. Subject to your doctor’s advice. It will be a choice between a GLP-1 and a SGLT2 for CKD

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Thank you. There is so much information to absorb. I am beginning to think I may need to see an endocrinologist because of the kidney involvement.

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Do you have a nephrologist? Nancy50

I’m in the process of getting an appointment.

Turns out her pcp is really on top of things…he prescribed Trajenta which, after doing a lot of research, seems to be perfect for Sue…no bad effects on the kidneys, and unlikely to cause lows. I was so impressed