Need volunteers to test a new diabetes Ning Application we will be rolling out on TuDiabetes

For the past few months, we have been working with a research team from Harvard’s Children Hospital Boston. With your help, in the coming weeks we are hoping to roll out a new diabetes Ning Application (Ning is the platform we use on TuDiabetes) on the site.

The application will involve a few features we are very excited about that we feel will help members (individually), the TuDiabetes community specifically and the diabetes community at large.

As part of the process we will need your help for a few hours to go over a brief instruction on what would be expected from you (to certify you as a tester, if you may), then test the application and give us your feedback about it.

Please reply to this post or email me at letting me know you are interested. We will work around your schedule to make sure this is as quick and efficient as possible.

Sign me up - I’m interested!


I’m in! Bring…it… on!

Sign me up too I’m interested as well!

I am interested also.

I am very interested. Please sign me up.

Diabetically Yours,

Super! I will be contacting you guys as the date to start testing approaches.

Thanks so much for your support! I think you will like what you will see (I hope!) :slight_smile:

Sign me up too

I’d be happy to help if you need it

Add me to the list of testers. I have experience in software testing.

I don’t have the time but I’m pleased to see others jumping in :slight_smile:
I’m with you in spirit!

you can sign me up

OK not sure what its about

I’m will to check into it too.

Manny, count me in as well.

Count me in Manny.

Me too Manny - sign me up - any way I can help at all


Manny Sure I’m interested !