Hi everyone,

A friend and I have created our own ning network if you would please check it out. We don’t want to steal anyone away from tudiabetes of course!!!

Our focus is on global diabetes…from the financial side of it to lack of treatment to just lack of networks and support.

www.diabeticechoes.ning.com And remember it’s still VERY new so bare with me until the final changes are made!


Lindsey, the site won’t let anyone see anything but the main page until they sign up for the network. Don’t know if that’s by design or not.

Yea I have it set that way for right now since there’s nothing on the other pages. As long as you have a ning account (therefore a tudiabetes account), you should be able to see everything though. Maybe it’s members only…hmm…I’ll double check.

Most public Ning networks let you look around without joining up. Most private ones, you have to join before you can see anything. (I think Omega-13 is that way, it’s currently a beta site for the STAR TREK group I’m involved with.)

Well I made it completely public, so I think everyone can see all the pages without joining. But everyone should join!!!

I was able to look around, and the basic structure looks fine – but then again, I suspect a lot of that is part of the basic Ning template. Colors are pretty. As far as joining… that’s an individual decision.

Yea, you’re right it’s an individual decision. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do it tho!! Eventually it’s going to be awesome, right now it’s so new that we’re all kind of rushing to get things up and started. Thanks for looking around tho!