Needed: T1D voice actors for short film

Hi, I’m Ryan from Portland. I’m a lame dad, with an even lamer pancreas.

Most of you will be able to relate to this: I produce a lot of garbage directly related to T1D. Many of you will relate to this as well: I’ve watched too much television and too many movies.

So (obviously?) I’m making a short stop-motion film using Diabetes garbage.

It will be a comedy parody trailer called ‘The Insulin Heist’. As you guessed, I’m sure, it will be built on the premise of how ridiculous and cruel the price of insulin is in the U.S., while hitting the tropes of the thriller/heist genre. And, I pray, will be funny (as I said, I’m a lame dad, so my grasp on what’s actually funny is tenuous).

It’ll be about 3 minutes long, and all the photography is done–pending anything found missing or needing to be shot again.

I’m ready to get the audio, and would like to use T1D actors. You don’t need an IMDB page or anything. If you’re interested, please message me with an email address.

Here is a picture (I will post more below):

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