Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (aka Vacuum Assisted Closure)

Anyone have experience with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy?

Looks like I'm going to be using for an open post-operative wound.

Surgeon removed about 4 cm of my Right 5th metatarsal bone due to a malformation causing a chronic pressure ulcer.

So I've now got this 'gaping' open would on top of my foot just behind my little toe. Because of the missing bone, there is a lot of open space in there that needs to get closed up once the underlying infection is cleared up.

They are talking initially about 6-8 weeks of being connected to the vacuum pump system with dressing changes every 48 hours.

Was wondering if anyone here had any personal experience with this system.

I know this reply is almost two years late, but I am Wondering how that worked out for you or others? I am on the wound vacuum therapy now and it has been a slow process. The wound is getting smaller but still hurts alot.

My wife is a wound care specialist and uses wound vacs in a daily basis. She swears by them when they’re used in the proper application.

Thank you. It is working, but i am being taken off of it because I’m
moving to a state that doesnt take my current insurance.

My wife has had an above he knee amputation the healing time without the vac system is well over a year compared to 2 months with the vac dressing. Amazing to see how much it heals from week to week…