Neurontin and weak legs?


Hi, has anyone taken Neurontin for neuropathy and gotten very weak in the back of the legs?. The neurologist prescribed me a high dose that I took for a few days. I slept and was tired and when I went to get the mail it was so hard to walk, almost like my hamstrings were paralyzed. I was so upset. I lowered the dose and it went away. Has this happened to you?


Lot’s I use neurontin but I have not had this kind of reaction. In my case, it puts me to sleep about 1 hour after taking it.


Do some exploring re: Neurontin/gabapentin side effects–there are many, and doctors are not always aware of some! My experience was a Rx for chronic pain–it didn’t help the pain, but I had significant memory problems and could not do simple math problems. Check it out!


Five years ago I had surgery and they cut my abdomen open and the scar goes from one side to the other. It is in the shape of a large S. It is pretty huge and lucky me, I have a lot of pain still at the incision and numbness. I was prescribed Neurontin at dose 1800 mg a day for that and also for Neuropathy and as a mood stabilizer. I have stenosis which is severe in my neck that causes pain and numbness in my hands. I went to the surgeon and he wants to do an operation on my neck to open up two disks. He said that the progression of this stenosis would eventually cause weakness in the bottom half of my body.

Neurontin was like a wonder drug for me because I could take a dose and about two hours later the pain would subside. Before bed the dose would put me to sleep too. Wow. I could deal with the leftover pain, I started this exercise program with walking, stretching and lifting weights at home. I want to add Tai Chi and I do a bit of yoga. I was spending a lot of time laying down before I got the Neurontin and not tolerating the pain well.

The Neurologist (new) upped my dose and the pain got better but I felt like sleeping all the time. The result I am having now is that my memory is terrible. I feel tired all the time and when I tried to walk it feels like I am dragging the bottom half of my body. I lowered the dose and the problem lessened. Now I can walk for exercise.
I would like to know if anyone takes a high dose of this medication. I am getting mixed messages about it. The Neurologist said take a higher dose, the GI did their best to cut it down and the psychiatrist prescribed the middle dose. I was told to take it regularly and let it build up in my system.

I also got some white sores in my mouth and had to have a biopsy under anesthesia. It was just inflammation but there was my liver doctor telling me that Neurontin could cause problems in the mouth. Having all these conflicting decisions about doses is hard and I want to do the right thing. It is scary when you have to decide for yourself what dose to take. I feel unqualified but it is my body and I really want to do the right thing. I am longing for the days that I didn’t need Neurontin at all… It does reduce pain but at what cost?


@Miss Mody,

I can’t do math or do anything that requires a quick decision on a high dose… Without the Neurontin I have enough pain to cause me not to function and focus. Going to the Neurologist was strange. She said I can take up to 3400 mg at day, that Neurontin should not cause memory loss and that it was safe because it was FDA approved. I left thinking about the side effects and one was memory loss. Why did she say the opposite? Why do none of the doctors agree?

I hate being my own doctor, but this is crazy. What about the long term effect? I am trying to get rid of enough pain that I can postpone the surgery where they will take out the disks and put in two posts and screws. I don’t want the surgery.

This is worrisome and every dose of Neurontin I take reminds me of this dilemma. The weakness in my legs is scary.


Lots, I take 1,200 MG per day at night. I also get white spots in my mouth occasionally. However, the white spots are an autoimmune response to the use of methotrexate. I use a rinse called (wait for it) Mary’s Magic Mouth Wash (yeah no kidding), dentist prescribes it and it is a product the pharmacist has to mix on site. It contains a topical steroid.

Best Lots.