Not sure if its Neuropathy or RLS

My endo seems to think that its not neuropathy, but my MD. put me on Gabapentin anyway. I don't know, it only bothers me at night when I'm trying to fall asleep.

My legs they kinda have a tingly, crawly feeling, that is really hard to describe. I like to call it spazzy! And it goes from mid thigh all the way down. Its not all the time though. I can fell it if I'm resting or still sometimes, but if I'm active, not really.

Sometimes I get a sharp pain in my foot like I've stepped on a tack or something like that. That is pretty uncommon though, maybe happens once a month or less.

Another problem that I've always had since a kid is that I shake my legs. Yea, I'm that annoying guy who was always taping his foot at the wrong time. But really its a nervous habit that I've never been able to break, so don't make too much fun of me! At least I usually have good rhythm! ;)

I've been on this Gabapentin for about a two months now, and I'm told its a really low dose, only 100mg 3 times a day. I'm not too sure if I like this med they gave me, because I read it can make you feel spaced out as a side affect, and I've really felt like that lately.

I don't know if is the fact that I can't seem to remember to take it 3 times a day, even though I still take the mid day one at night when I forget, I'm not really getting any relief from the spazzy legs, so I toss and turn for an hour or two, sometimes more. Its a rare occasion where I fall asleep in under an hour.

I just wonder if anyone else that has either "Restless Leg Syndrome" or Neuropathy recognizes my symptoms and can give me any pointers about how to describe them better to my clinicians.

Hi Austin,

I've had the same crawly feeling in my legs, but just for periods of time, and then it goes away. That's been true for years, and happened several years before I was diagnosed with diabetes. I've only had the sharp foot pains in the last year.

I find that the backs of my legs can be very uncomfortable if I try to sleep on my back. My best solution is to sleep on my stomach and hang my feet over the bottom of the bed.

And I jiggle my legs, too! I don't think it's a nervous habit--I think it's physical.

I don't have useful information, but at least we're in the same boat, sitting here jiggling our legs!

Best wishes!


OK, don't laugh at this. Put a bar of soap under your bottom sheet, near your legs. I know, this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, and I have found no scientific reason why it should work, but it does. I started out with the same thing you have. It progressed to neuropathy in 2007. A couple of years ago I started having horrible leg cramps. I got no help from my doctor. A friend suggested the soap thing. I tried it and haven't had problems with my legs since the first night I used it. I have no idea why, and that bothers me because I like scientific reasons for everything. It's not psychosomatic, the leg cramps I'd been having were very real and painful. I don't believe in miracle cures. You can google this and read about other people who use bed soap, too. At least it's a cheap, safe thing to try.

I’ve had the same crawly feeling in my legs every time I’m in bed, I thinks it’s rls. Try checking this site maybe it will help you about restless legs syndrome