Neuropathy and cold weather

I’m new to being diabetic, I’m also use to being outside most of the time. I was out this evening grilling and didn’t realize my feet were froze till my legs and hips started hurting really bad. I came in and took my shoes and socks off . My feet were very cold to the touch a bluish white colour. With the neuropathy in my feet I didn’t notice they were getting cold I gave it no thought. Is there any other warning signs I can watch for to keep this from happening and possibly lose my feet to serve frost bite?

Silk socks are wonderfully insulating & thin enough to put another heavier pair on top of them. Another good thing about silk is that they keep feet dry. Never tried them, but I’ve seen battery powered socks that warm.

With not being able to feel how cold they may be getting, I guess the only thing to do is assume that if the rest of you feels cold, your feet will be at more risk.

Happened to me more than once before. I also enjoy the outdoor and when it gets too cold its hard for me to tell when my feet are already blue and freezing! I use this diabetic socks with a full cushioned bottom and a wide cross-stretch with antibacterial silver fibers. It comes with ankle, crew and over calf varieties. I usually use the calf ones when its cold.
I just keep aware of the temperature and the length of time Im outside in the cold. (my husband also nags me too). then I will check on my feet every so often.

i have had the same thing happen to me, my dr. recently told me that i have neuropathy and raynauds/ reynauds (has to do with poor circulation) my pinky toe turned a couple different colors also and took forever to warm up. they say with raynauds your toes etc turn blue/white/red (not sure of the order). just a lil FYI to keep an eye out for