Neuropathy, Benfotiamine and ALA


The vitamin B12 shots, how did your doctor know that was the answer to the problem . Has he used them before on others with good results.

I thought I would give an update on my progress. Back in September I started taking Gabapentin (Neurontin) for the neuropathy. The neurologist started me on a low dose and has gradually increased the dosage. The only side effect I notice is drowsiness, with the exception being one day there was some light swelling in my feet. The drowsiness is not as noticeable as it was in the beginning, and of course is more noticeable with a dosage increase, but then again, lessens with time. Hopefully, the drowsiness will continue to lessen.
I continued to take the ALA and Benfotiamine up until about a month ago when I was hit with the flu bug. At that time I limited myself to the critical medications and laid off the nutrients (did not take the ALA and Benfotiamine). I did not notice any difference in the neuropathy symptoms when I recovered from the flu, so did not resume the ALA and Benfotiamine. I am only taking the Gabapentin for neuropathy for about a month now. Of course, there are always some symptoms of the neuropathy nagging at me, however, there are some days when I do not notice them much. On those days, I am more active. The increased activity brings back increased symptoms, and I have to slow myself down again. I hope to discover some sort of balance in my activity to level the symptoms. I guess time will tell if I should go back to taking ALA or Benfotiamine. Any comments are welcome.

I'd go back on the low dose that they recommend for maintenance Neilin, otherwise, you may lose any ground that you gained while on the benfotiamine.

I had cut back on ALA recently and noticed that my blood sugar started to rise, so I'm back on it and also put my Evening Primrose oil dose back up, as they work better together.