Diabetes/Alpha Lipoic Acid

I use Alpha Lipoic Acid-300mg three times daily, with biotin.

I used several Rx drugs for help with meuopathy. All the Rxs made me feel like a zombie.

Alpha Lipoic acid has reduced my symptoms. No acute burning and tingling -----------

I am now seeing some neuologists telling patients about it. It WORKS FOR ME…

I take 600mg of ALA and some other stuff. Pharmaceutical fish oil 2,000mg 2x a day. Vitamin C 2,000mg 2x a day.
Garlic and lots of fresh veggies and an organic powder containing 50+ organic fruits and greens. Walking as much as I can each day. Drinking as much water as I can every day. Being focused and aware and expressing rather than absorbing stress. And I’m reducing my meds, and know I can eliminate this condition because for one thing, it’s not my true way.

Mike , you seem to be doing all the things that will work well. Although I’m a Type 1 Im trying to convince my doc that I’m not ! A total change of lifestyle , getting rid of as much processed food as possible (and stress !) and other things that you have mentioned are all good news.
Have used Garlic with success also along with ginger and chili (combined with getting rid of all carpets in my house) has seen the usual seasonal winter cold/flu regime disappear.

so let me get this right… the ALA and Biotin help with the tingling in the feet and legs?

Here is another discussion about ALA in this community.

I am taking a small dose (300mg) every day after dinner (and I think that I pee a lot of it out, which is a waste of money and leads to foul smelling urine, asparagus like!!).

A few comments:

  • be sure to take it on a full stomach.
  • be sure you buy a version with biotin
  • slow acting is better than fast acting (For example, Insulow or Jarrow’s Sustain ALA)

I did not notice any change in my need for insulin, but I am only taking a very small dose.

There are many studies (I think in Germany, but perhaps elsewhere as well) showing that ALA in high doses can repair damaged nerves. Some doctors already start to recommend it, as it seems to have many health benefits.

These methods can all make your insulin more effective and may enable you to decrease the amount of insulin you need, which is great!! But you will still need some insulin, as type 1’s do not produce any!

But anything that helps is great (which is why I started on a ALA regime!)

I started using ALA and biotin about 6 months ago and I have reduced the dicomfort about 70-80%

I still have tingling and minor numbness, but the burning and pain are gone.

I use 300 ALA and biotin pre meals…Hope it helps you. Lora