Hi,I have started to get burning sensation in left foot,ocassionally,is it neuropathy,My diabetes is 1 year old,if it is neuropathy can I reverse it

Often, when we are diagnosed with T2 diabetes, we have had the condition for years. And those high blood sugars over time can cause neuropathy, such as you describe. There are some doctors (even experts) that will tell you that you can't do anything neuropathy, once you have it, it is permanent. Others, such as Dr. Bernstein believe that you can heal and reverse neuropathy with tight blood sugar control. From my studies, I believe that many neuropathies can in fact be reversed and healed. In fact, many people find that their neuropathy actually is more painful once their blood sugar gets under control and they start healing. Perhaps that is due to the nerves finally feeling again.

Get your blood sugar well controlled, try to stay under 140 mg/dl 2 hours after meals and get your A1c well below 7% and you should be able to reverse any neuropathy (although it may take months to a couple years to totally go away).

Thanks Brian

Isn't there an alternative remedy about using cayenne peeper paste on your feet to ease neuropathy pain on your foot.

yeah, my neurologist told me nerves can heal - peripheral nerves do regenerate; even if one cuts the nerve in the arm or wrist, even that would grow back..he tried to demonstrate it to me..ha! central nervous system nerves, spine, not regenerate. thank goodness diabetes doesn't effect our spines. so, goal..keep BG's as close to normal as possible.

Well, creams made from Capsaicin are routinely used for temporary relief of aches and pains. And cayenne is a pepper which contains Capsaicin. But rather than trying to find a rare concoction of pepper paste or making your own you could just buy a cream like Capzaisan or Zostrix.

From my personal experience it can. Early in my diagnosis I was getting some pretty bad numbness in my feet and fingers. I also had eye damage. Once diagnosed and taking drugs and watching my carbs it slowly got better. Now, 15 years later I have no sign of eye damage (been clean for about 10 years) and minimal numbness. So while my toes aren't 100% they are probably about 90-95% back which is ok. And yes, I had a lot of the burning and tingling as my BG got better.

Hello. I have been a T1 diabetic since I was one-year-old so it’s been 55 years. My blood sugars have almost always been on the low side 70 to 90. In the last two weeks, suddenly my feet and my hands are numb the bottoms of my feet are peeling like crazy and have sores on them. This just happened. I have a doctors appointment next week but what can I do right now? I am really freaking out and I don’t want to die and I cannot lose my feet. Any advice will help. Thank you fellow diabetics!