New Afrezza Rx card problems

Hi there- I’ve been an Afrezza user for about a year. It works really well for me. I have a very high copay for Afrezza and have been using the Sanofi savings card for a year and have no issues getting my 30 supply. However, the new Mannkind/McKesson card seems to be a mess. It’s been rejected twice now and rationale is it only covers 90 cartridges per month. My normal 90 day refill is three boxes of the 8/4 units cartridges…so this covers me for 10 days.

Is anyone else having issues with the new card? I was under the impression this was simply a replacement for the Sanofi card and should work in the same way…definitely does not seem to be the case based off my experiences so far. Thanks!

Best thing to do is call Mannkind Cares directly.
(844) 3-AFREZZA
You don’t need to dail the A
Good luck

Are you a representative of Mannkind?

Kevin, for your saving card issue, have you tried to reach out to Mannkind for help? If not, perhaps you can give it a try, by sending an email to (or via twitter to Mike Castagna, Mannkind’s chief commercial officer) to see if you can get help from them.

I have called a cust service line, but not that number. I’ll try that number and see where it goes. I also now have the name and phone number for my local sales rep, which my pharmacist suggested might be a good route to go. Thanks for the information, Mike.

I am not, I have nothing to do with the company. I’ve explained to you before I’m a supporter and nothing more. Do u have an issue with my posts? I posted it as help, I do not see what the issue is or what your problem is with me. You don’t feel that’s relevant information? My understanding of these forums are here for support, conversations, and information sharing. I don’t see any prerequisites to using these forums. Please read my all posts. I think I’m as respectful in my conversations as anyone here.


I think its the way its set up. To maximize savings, trying getting a prescription of 1 box supply for a month and refills every month.

that way , you can get savings applied every refill each month although its a hassle.

Some PBM’s require you to get 90 day supply through mail order in which case, they may not accept the savings card,

I have no problem reading your posts as long as they are appropriate. If I smell BS I either point it out or just move on

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I think it’s the card. I’ve never had a 90 day prescription. I’ve had zero issues with Sanofi for a year filling my three-box 30-day Rx. One box doesn’t do me any good, that is 10 day supply…my 30-day supply is three boxes. Unfortunately, if i can’t get this to function the way the Sanofi card has for the past year I’ll likely have to go to another insulin, which I absolutely do not want to do.

Agree, probably the card has some bugs to be fixed. There was also some discussion in Twitter regarding similar problems.

got it. I must have misunderstood or misread your original post.
Did you try getting pre auth from insurance that they cover?

As some else suggested , may be engage Mannkind as they have every incentive to work with your insurance company.

I am using new card without problem, but I only get 1 box for 30 days.

The current Mannkind website shows the card says max $150 per prescription. The Sanofi card said the same thing, but over the phone I was told that it really was $150 per BOX. But since I ended up only getting one box per 30 days, I couldn’t really tell how >1 box would have processed, but sounds like that’s how it worked for you before.

Getting Mannkind to help sounds like the best thing to do.

May be get separate RX for 8s and 4s ?

Before I post what I have to say let me first say that I do not speak for the administrative team on this site, I no longer serve in that capacity.

I find your claims that you have no interest in Afrezza, other than to be helpful, to be hollow. It appears that every single post that you have made on this site is in support of Afrezza, there are many,many more of them than can be explained by a casual desire to help.

Although I am no longer an administrator on this site I still care deeply about it. My dander gets up when I see outside forces trying to manipulate it, especially someone that appears to have no real connections to diabetes. You say your interest is only to help but to me you appear to be an active promoter of the product. If looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…Well, we all know the analogy.

The members here deserve better. This is a site of, for and by PWD. It is not a vehicle for outside forces to exploit for their own gain.

I challenge you to state your true purpose for being here. If your motives are pure you will be welcomed with open arms. Industry representatives should and do have a place here but their affiliations must be disclosed.

Please let me also say that Afrezza appears to be an excellent product, it speaks well for itself.


To be fair, he did offer a helpful answer to a question a user had. I’ve found his comments to be helpful.

True @Sam19 He is always more than helpful but that can be a two sided sword. Like I said before Afrezza appears to be an excellent product but It needs to succeed one its own not because of some intensive social media campaign.

I prefer true supporters like you not ones that support for some ulterior motive. It is PWD that should have a say, at least here on this site, not disguised advertising.

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Hi Gary,
I don’t work for Afrezza. I’ve work in Silicon Valley for the last 20 years, never have worked in pharmaceuticals ever. I feel no need to explain myself further to you. I only shared information, if people find it helpful, and some have, I’m over the moon about it. I have every right to be here and I don’t feel any need to meet someone else’s moral compass, I think mine is pretty good already. I’ll continue to post where I think I have something to add, or for that matter have questions to ask others. I certainly haven’t broken any rules here, but I realize some have their own rules in thier minds. I’ve learned a lot on TU and have every intention of continuing to participate. Thanks.

I prefer Clinton over Trump, but don’t hold it against Trump supporters. In others words Gary I’m not here to meet your expectations, nothing personal.

If I’m advertising anything wow am I bad at it.

I only regret to see this thread so off topic, but I certainly didn’t cause it. Sorry to Kevin.

@Kevin22 Hello! Most importantly, I hope you found the information you were looking for with your question. It looks like there are several avenues you could pursue. Please let us know what you find! I too am an Afrezza user and have also only been picking up one box per month in the past few months, whereas I used to pick up three boxes every month. Perhaps there are some kinks being ironed out. I have an endo appointment this week and am going to double check to see that my prescription was written correctly the last time. It could certainly have been me who gave the wrong info to the endo! Still over the moon to have the product safely tucked in my fridge!

I am not panicking by any means as I am certain it will all get worked out. I do know several people who have successfully contacted the above referenced persons/numbers. Best to you and definitely please let us know the outcome!


Count me in that batch. Extremely pleased with that. I don’t expect to see in my life more than once an executive at a pharmaceutical company drop what they’re doing and go out of their way to make sure an issue I’m having filling a script at a local pharmacy in Alaska is straightened out. I can’t help but really like this both medication itself and the company and people behind it.