MannKind relaunching Afrezza. Anyone see anything different?

I’m just wondering if endos are getting better educated. I did read that sample packs will contain 4, 8- and 12-unit cartridges, so clearly Afrezza will now be available in 12 units, along with 4 and 8. They are also doing something to assist with the spirometry aspect, but I don’t have details. My endo says she has yet to see a rep. I’m curious if this relaunch is going to be a big bust or not.

Although my daughter does not (yet) use Afrezza, I am happy to hear this good news!

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well it’s hard to say but I can tell you from personal experience that an executive from this company directly called my local Podunk pharmacy in rural Alaska to straighten out my prescription issue after catching wind that I had posted on this forum that I’d had trouble filling it. So I’d have to say I’m impressed with their commitment to the consumer if nothing else…


The key issue is that Mannkind had no sales rep network. That was what Sanofi brought to the table. So they are building their own. Apparently they have 70 reps to cover the nearly 7000 endos in the US. They have a ways to go.

…no more lows for me, not like b4. still waiting for the price to drop a little. body parts work and feel much better inhaling than after mealtime shots. hope the company survives through the end of next year-


I believe Mannkind’s new salesforce is concentrating on major markets. We live in the midwest, had to find a physician who would prescribe Afrezza to my 16 year old son, and go to a hospital for the spirometry test. It was all worth it, as he’s been on Afrezza and Tresiba for a few months, is PUMP FREE, and having lowest A1Cs of his life. Our grocery store pharmacy obtains Afrezza on one day’s notice. Love Afrezza. Hope the relaunch is a success, because the insulin is!


There’s no doubt in my mind it’s a miracle drug. I used to rant and rave about it as naseum, but few on this forum were interested to hear about it (wheras my comments here would be cut and pasted all day long onto yahoo finance)… So I kinda clammed up about it. But I’m really happy to see more and more people hitting grand slams with it too.


Just updating everyone on my experience getting Afrezza since MannKind took over distribution. I had to jump through a few hoops to get it covered by my insurance, but all is well and I will be getting my 3 months supply of “MannKind Afrezza” in the next few days. Christmas come early!!!

Hope everyone else is having good luck getting it covered.


Did it transpire as just a refill of your previous rx when sanofi was distributing? Or did you have to get a new prescription and that caused the confusion?

I haven’t refilled mine lately because I have a ton of it…

I think I was a prior authorization thing. I don’t think the switch had anything to do with it.

Did you have to claim to be a blind amputee with overwhelming needle phobia?

LMAO. Actually they wanted to understand why I needed both Humalog and Afrezza.

And your doc office smoothed it all out without too much bs?

Oh or did they just say because humalog is your pump delivered basal? I’ve had nothing but headaches with Caremark interacting with my doctors office…

I’ve got a great Endo. He called them directly and explained why I needed both. After that all was taken care of.


I refilled an Afrezza Rx last month. I don’t know if it’s Mannkind produced product or not. It has an expiration date of 04/2018.

This could be all in my head but I notice less inclination to cough after dosing. And I think it’s more effective than the last batch. It’s so subjective. But I do notice that my cough reflex is almost gone.

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It is a mannkind product if it was filled last month with a 2018 date. I believe December 2016 is last sanofi expiration? Not certain on that.

Not sure what to make if the effectiveness and cough. Theoretically it is exactly the same thing. I’ve noticed lately that (although I’ve had chronic throat irritation for a quarter century) that afrezza doesn’t seem to be contributing to it anymore… Even though I’m using the same sanofi stuff I always have…

Like you say though it’s so subjective who knows…

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i’m on afreeza . I am on the 4 unit version. I have been on it for 2 weeks. its working really wel.i am in Los angeles California if that makes any difference.

so does one use afreeza before or after a meal.what is the best approach as I have been only using it for 2 a good endo to place in the order for me.

I tend to dose about 10 minutes after I start eating. Also, I’ll keep an eye on my CGM and if I see my numbers creeping up about an hour after I eat (>130) then I’ll take another 4u dose.

Got my 3 month supply yesterday.