"New" Animas Vibe video (Europe)

I just stumbled across this Animas Vibe video on youtube BUT it is in french. there appears to be 10 parts to the series, but this part seems to focus on the CGM intergration. Looks as though it functions just like the Dexcom, only with colored trend graphs and arrows.


It looks great but the French is tough to understand

I want the Vibe sooooooo badly!!! Thanks for posting the vid :)

look for animas england. They will have the scope in english.

I try not to even think about it b/c it hurts sooo bad. I just want to fly over to Germany and get me a Vibe soo bad. What's the hold up FDA... Get off your hineys... Come on already. lol

Ok I'm going back to my "pretending it is not on the market state of mind" so I don't go nuts. :o)

Scoop I have been able to dig up is Animas must wait for Dexcom to get 4th Gen CGM approved by Fools, Dumbies, and Anal.... since it is a part of Vibe. Once FDA approves Dexcom's part, then Animas can go ahead with the integrated device, but not until then.

US needs to do something like Russian Federation (RF). If you have US-FDA or European Union CE Mark, the RF will approve the medical device or drug site unseen. It is just a paper process with similar approvals.

Being in color is nice, but in bright sunlight it is impossible to see! Or maybe it's me.