New BG/carb/Insulin log

Hi I am making a new bg logbook template for myself and would like any comments as to what others may need to keep track of or would like to see. My template is free to anyone who needs it so feel free to copy it and use it if its good for you. I am not very skilled at excel or word but know just enough to get me into trouble :) ![|640x389](upload://rrNNHTiN6PoQPOpHKL9epOZfJCz.jpeg)

Thanks for any comments or suggestions

hi pat! thanks for the template! ive kind of stopped logging these last couple of months since i misplaced my Little log book. and then when i found it i thought, well, ive been all right till now!
since i do lots of excercise maybe id have spaces for that-duration, sport, etc. but i suppose you could put that in comments.
will you put it up there to Access?

Looks pretty good. Personally Id eliminate the 1 hr post meal column, make the two hour columns a bit wider so that a second number coul be wedged in there If needed in a pinch, and I little more space in the comment line. Thanks for sharing

Being a computer engineering student I'm going to say something really bad. I prefer my paper log book. It's more flexible some way.

As regards your solution, are you constant with your schedules (wake up time, meal time, etc)? Because with that you are not actually logging hours but relative moments. Or at least is less visible if you write it into the cells.

Yours is almost exactly the same as mine which has been working great for me for the past couple years. I don't record 1hr. post meal though. I also include all food eaten as well as the carbs. Now that I have started pumping, I am going to modify it to include the time of day. I was hoping to just use the carelink software that came with the pump, but there are some limitations on what info. I can add.

Sam the one hour post space is at the request of my Endo. Don't ask me why he wants me to take it then seeing that my Humalog actually doesn't make any big changes till around 2 1/2 hrs post. I will be changing insulin brands as soon as I am finished with my currant supply which may be why he requested I take it 1 hr afterwards when I do to see the effects of the different one. I am not on the pump only shots at this time which again maybe another reason.

Rick OMG! Constant LOL anything but. My Job dictates when and where I eat and yes it's not a good thing for a diabetic but because my life and work revolves around chaos confusion and uncertainty (Working in Emergency Medical Services)I am faced with only moments during the day. I do agree and I like to write things on a paper log the only problem for me is to remember to carry it with me every second so what I do is write things in a small notebook/scratch pad I carry to record patients vitals and meds on then when I get home I would write them into a printed version of my log then when submitting to my Endo enter the info onto this template just for neatness. :)

Here is one I found which could be used to check your BG hourly but I needed something more personalized for my doctor so that is when I decided to kind of make my own

In the end it's perfect if it fits you ;)

I log my BGs and notes once a day (less lately) and analyze if everything's working. I would use something digital if needed functions like averages, sums, totals.