New bloodwork, but still waiting on pump

Finally had my bloodwork done yesterday and happy to say I've got a 6.4 A1C. :) I've started working harder on carb counting after taking a bit of a hiatus from it, and my numbers have been and will keep getting better.

I kept having a few crazy lows in the afternoons and have had to decrease my basal from 9 to 7 units.. and my ISF has gone from 1:50 to about 1:75. All the more reason to get the pump, I think...

And I did start the process, but since I have two insurances right now, it complicates things a bit. My primary insurance said 'OK!' and approved it ASAP. My secondary insurance is dragging their feet. I hate to keep calling Animas, but this has gotten ridiculous (It's been over two weeks and the request is still 'under review'.) I did get approved for the $1100 discount and the 30% off supplies for the first year, so it definitely helps. But it would be nice if the insurance company would get in gear.

Aetna, surprisingly (to me anyway) is the company that approved it ASAP. UMR is who manages my secondary. Anyone had issues with UMR?

Yes, for me the pump made the afternoon low thing go away. Before, if I lowered the basal to fix the afternoon, overnight was high and vice versa. Shifting the timing or splitting Lantus did nothing. Perhaps a shorter acting basal insulin like Levemir would have worked. With the pump I have 5 different basal rates at different times of days and it really evened things out. You may find you need multiple ISF an I:C ratios for different times of day as well. Congratulations on the A1C!

Thank you! I definitely need the option to change my basals at different times of day and for different levels of activity. I've seen the same issue... I'm not crashing in the afternoon now, but am waking up higher than I would like to. :/