Animas Rep Meeting = Success!

I'm a happy girl. I met with the local Animas rep yesterday. First off, the rep was awesome. Very thorough and our conversation was fluid, all questions answered beyond my expectations, and I was very impressed. Second, I am also quite impressed with the Animas Ping itself! I got to know the Ping pretty much inside and out. I explained my concerns about possibly not being covered. She said that usually her type 2's, if not initially approved, are often approved upon what's called a peer-to-peer review with the doctor and the outside company who does approvals, etc. SO, that was reassuring!
I have to call my diabetes doc on Monday, set up the testing that my insurance is requiring, and go from there...

I'm on my way!

I hope you can get the Ping and that it helps you with your BGs. Pumps don't work for everybody, but they've been excellent for me. Learn as much as you can about the pump and pump therapy in general. The more you know, the better your chance at success.

You'll need to learn how to do basal testing. Getting the correct basal rates for you are fundamental to overall success. Don't skimp on this step. Pumping Insulin and Think Like A Pancreas are both good book references.

Once you get the green light for the pump, download the Animas Ping user guide. Read it at least once before any training.

Thank you so much for your feedback :)

Terry, I forgot to mention that I am on the vGo, which is a step before the insulin pump. It's basically a disposable pump (kinda) and looks similar to omnipod. Anyway, I'm on that and I have achieved better control with that, hence the reason why my diabetes doc suggested an actual pump. *fingers crossed*