Got my new animas pump in today!

I have been off my pump for almost a year now. been pumping for a total of 15years. after i lost my health insurance, had to get back on shots and my A1C went from 6.5 to 11!!! after the first few days back on my pump my sugars have been 99, 101, 115 etc!! :] im so happy and so thankful to finally have health insurance again! Anyone else ever been in this situation? Hopefully i can get my A1C back on track. The shots just didnt work for me at all :/… i have a ton of scar tissue as well… perhaps that was part of the reason.

Happy for you. Health insurance, is not fun to deal with.
Mine has a terriblly high copay for pumps, and I do not want to end up where you were, back on shots.
But rejoicing with you that you have a pump again!