New CGM User With G6 Set-Up Questions


I’ve just bought a 1 month trial of Dexcom G6 supplies, I’ve been doing a fair few searches on here and other places recently but wanted to get some definitive answers before I try and get it up and running to avoid any mess-ups!! Any help much appreciated

  1. My phone (Moto G5S) isn’t officially compatible with the Dexcom app, so I was planning to use XDrip+ (have installed this to my phone). Does this work well with pretty much all Android phones ? (Android version is 8.1.0). Any advice on settings?

  2. The transmitter I’ve recieved is one of the newer 8Hxxxx, will this cause any issues using XDrip+?

  3. Any other useful G6 hints & tips for a newcomer?

Thanks, Phil

xDrip+ version depending on G6 transmitter serial no.

  • For G6 transmitters manufactured after fall/end of 2018 (i.e. serial no. starting with 80 or 81) you can use the master.
  • If your Dexcom G6 transmitter’s serial no. is starting with 8G, 8H or 8J try nightly build 2019/07/28 or later.

Source: xDrip+ settings — AndroidAPS 3.0 documentation

P.S. I’m not an XDrip user, you might wai for someone to confirm. You got a traditional reciever so you can try the G6 in the meantime without getting sucked into software setup? Let us know if its working for you.

You should be able to run fine using Native mode, and xDrip reports same number that receiver shows.

I have 8G transmitter, and works fine, with sensor restarts working ok when transmitter is removed for 20 minutes. Many discussions here have details/video, but have not seen 8H mentioned.

This may be helpful if you want to try restart after 10 days


I already have both an 8J and an 8K transmitter … one still in use and one in the box. While I haven’t seen any definitive discussion as to how these newest series do or don’t allow sensor resets, it is clear that the reset of both sensors and transmitters is a moving target.

Good luck with your G6 trial … I hope that it works well for you.


thanks, I downloaded the latest build a few days ago. Unfortunately the trial pack doesn’t come with the receiver - which appears to be super expensive (at least here in the UK)

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thanks - I will definitely be giving that a try to extend the sensors, if I can get near 20 days from them I think the G6 would be financially viable for me in the long term

Got it started after lunch today - all went well!! :smiley:

The readings seemed to match up to my stick tests pretty quick

Is so fascinating to see the changes and trends in such detail for the first time


With xDrip you can see more history and specific bg values on graph display. I don’t use the data entry features (food, notes, etc), but they can be done with voice input, and display on graph.

I was shocked at how fast things changed, when I first started. My graphs still look like a heart rate EKG, but at least the spikes are little ones now.

My biggest tip is to turn off battery optimization for xdrip, and Bluetooth in general if you can. Android phones like to turn off things in the background. It seems to get more aggressive with later versions of Android. I’m running Android 10 currently, and still get frozen communications sometimes and have to go into the Xdrip “system status” page and tell it to “forget device”, then “restart collector”. It you have to do that more than twice in an hour, repeat the forget/restart and immediately restart your whole phone. That usually fixes bad communication for me.

Also make sure you save you Xdrip settings and export your data occasionally. Add much as I love Xdrip, I’ve twice had to uninstall/re-install because it just refused to stay connected. A fresh start helped both times, but it was disappointing to lose all my data. I try to remember to export it every two weeks now.

I’ve had one instance of the connection dropping out, which I think was no coincidence that happened when I linked up to my bluetooth speaker

Looking forwards to seeing what my blood glucose gets up to during the night

The other thing that I noticed was that the Dexcom instructions I received advise placing the sensor on the abdomen or back of the arms, which I think differs from the US version

OMG. I just picked up a Dexcom G6 system this morning from pharmacy. These posts sound like a foreign language and I do not know how to use this system. I am also not a tech savvy human. I am currently sitting here questioning my decisions, wondering if I should have done this.

You don’t HAVE to be tech savvy. If you got the dexcom receiver (cell-phone looking controller which can only be used with the dexcom system) or you have an iPhone or one of the approved Android phones that can run the official dexcom app… It is very simple to use. You just tell it to “start sensor” and enter the 4 digit code that’s written on your sensor (just like coding an old glucose meter when they had calibration codes written on the test strip bottle). After waiting for it to warm up, you’ll start getting reading with no other intervention required of you at all.

Some of us just like to tinker. You’ll learn other things about the system as you go

CGM is a game changer for controlling your diabetes. Just be patient with it, and I promise you won’t regret your decision.

LBL015751 Rev 003 Artwork, G6 Start Here Guide US WEB.PDF (4.4 MB)

Thanks. I haven’t even opened the box yet. I am still suffering from sticker shock.

If you’re paying fully out of pocket, like I am, Sam’s Club has the best prices I’ve been able to find. It’s $125 per transmitter (the reusable part that will last at least 90 days) and $284 per box of 3 sensors (a over month supply) IF you have the “Sam’s Plus” membership that gives the biggest pharmacy discount.

Of course, the sticker shock is exactly why I use Xdrip and other advanced tweaks that help me get more use out of the system for the dollars I spend.

Don’t even think about it. This is one of the very best decisions you have made in your lifetime. Most users don’t know how they ever lived without it after a few months of use. Just take it slow, one step at a time and let it wow you day after day!!!

Another vote to say this is one of the best things to happen to diabetics.
Understanding how food, insulin, time of day, etc. all affect your BG is something that cannot be overstated on how much it helps you manage it all.
Now, with that being said, PLEASE don’t let it consume you! You will suddenly go from know what your BG is a few times a day to having it every 5 minutes, and seeing trends per day, hourly over weeks, etc. It is a VERY valuable tool.

Thanks. I have no idea when I will start using it. I live in NY and endo office is closed until further notice. Unfortunately, it closed less than 3 weeks after my very first appointment. Sooo, all med adjustments have been made by phone. I can’t sit down with the educator to learn about the device. That appointment got canceled thanks to covid. And to add to the fun, I am due to travel away from home this Sunday on a 6 week job assignment to care for Covid patients in an ICU in Maryland. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for some people to manage DM without their MDs open. Maybe next week when I am off and sitting in a hotel room I can watch some videos and educate myself.

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. It’s been 10 hours and I haven’t even taken it out of the bag much less the box. LOL. I’m thinking next week when I have a little down time.

Any questions, you can always ask here. We are always ready, willing, and eager to help another diabetic best we can. Good luck on your assignment and thank you so much for helping with Covid patients.