New Challenges

I just recently found out I have lost 15 lbs since my diagnosis in February! I have done it mostly through diet. I have to admit that since I have been feeling better, I have been more & more active. I have not, however, been exercising for the sake of exercise as often as I probably should. That actually encourages me. If I can lose 15 lbs in 6 months with little regular exercise, I really want to see what hitting the gym will do for me.

About 3 years ago I went on a large health kick, joined a gym, lost around 20-30 lbs. Then I started my career (while still attending college - makes for a hectic, stressful lifestyle), gained it all back & more. I am sitting at 230 now, about 10 lbs more than 3 years ago. My goal is to get down to 200. I have dreamed of getting back to 180 since high school, but I’m not sure how realistic that is at this point.

I have another challenge looming in my future. I am going out of town to a music festival in two weeks. This will be the first time I have to manage my diabetes on the road, away from home, overnight, and all day at a concert venue. I have been before, and I’m pretty sure there won’t be anything there that fits in my diet. I am going to be pretty active that entire day though, so I think a little cheating may be okay. I am concerned about bringing my testing supplies in with me. It should be allowed, but I really don’t want to carry it around, and I don’t think test strips would fare too well in 6-8 hours of 90 degree heat. I guess I will figure it out when I get there.

If anyone reads this and has any advice on how to handle it, please do share.

Been to many concerts with my meter and a few with quite a bit of heat. I usually switch to a small meter and keep it in my pocket as I do not like to carry a backpack and prefer to have the meter with me at all times. Never have run in to any problems with security. I find the meter and strips usually do ok as long as they are not in the direct sun. I have also found if the meter gets too hot usually taking the battery out and cooling that down allows me to use the meter although not sure how the high temps affect the results. I have only had to do this when the meter is in the direct sun. It also works when the meter is too cold. I have never seemed to have a problem regardless of the venue or heat.

Hi Erick,

First…Congrats on losing the weight. I am going to the gym 6 days a week and am slowly losing. I am in better health than I have ever been and have more energy. You can do it - keep your eyes on the goal. I am 163 now…lighter than I was in high school (23 years ago) and still losing.

I hope that you have lots of fun at the music festival. You will have to pack your supplies up and keep testing. I know it is a pain but you want to have a good time and stay kinda in range. Too high or too low is dangerous. I live in Florida and take my test strips and supplies with me wherever I go and have been in the heat for hours at a time. Like MossDog said, if they are not in the direct heat then they should be fine. I use a small backpack instead of a purse and it works out well for me. Maybe a small backpack would work for you too? What about those cargo pants that the guys wear? Those have lots of pockets in them. Remember to pack alcohol strips. You might not get to a bathroom to wash your hands before testing.

Let us know how it all goes.