Portable solutions for carrying glucometer

Have wracked my brains and can think of only a few things. Our 14 year old would like to just stick her cell phone in her pocket, pump is clipped to inside of jeans, and run out the door without always having to lug around a purse… except… she can’t do this because she has to carry around her glucometer. Does not want to wear a spibelt, waistit or other type of belt, at least not all the time. I have a pocket in a pinch from Tallygear that I could pin into jeans somewhere. And old spandex pump packs I could do the same. Problems still with meter. We have freestyle flash and their small lancet, but those darn strip containers are too bulky. Does anyone carry strips in another container? If so would they be viable? Would only have to pack enough strips for a few hours. Other options are using a Bayer Breeze 2 which has stips in the drum or a True to Go meter. At some point the meter companies need to address this issue and give us true portability. Any ideas?

Haven’t tried carrying my strips in anything but their container, don’t find them too bulky. Have you considered a old tic-tac or Altoids mini container, after a good washing of course.

She’s not interested in getting a cute little purse? E.g. this?

It doesn’t have to be some special diabetes bag! Which, yeah, would be hard for a 14 year old girl to deal with…

Yes, I have considered it but don’t know if these containers would keep the strips viable. I would only need it for a few hours at a time. Maybe I will just bite the bullet and try it and see. That round container, in addition to the glucometer and lancer is way too bulky.

Yes, she has lots of cute little purses. She does not always wish to carry them. I’m sure this is a huge problem for most boys, though, so I’m curious as to what others have devised.

I sometimes use an old cleaned-out tic tac container, and sometimes a mini altoids container… they seem to work fine. GMA Jim!

Doesn’t she have other things to carry to school? Pens, notebooks, books, comb, make-up, snacks, wallet, glucose tabs? Seems like a purse or backpack would solve the problem of everything. Since she’s 14 perhaps it would help to give her the problem to solve in whatever way she liked as long as it included taking her meter!

I love it Zoe transfer ownership of the problem to the one affecred by it! At some point Mom and Dad won’t be there to figure it out. I never carry a supply bag for short trips. Thats where pockets are great. Insulin pump in front right, Cell phone on belt, CGM in shirt pocket and the one touch meter strips and autoclix in my left pocket; wallet in left rear and I have one left over (right rear) for whatever!, A 14 year old should be able to figure it out for herself

except 14 year olds wear tighter pants than we do Dick! LOL! I have a 12 year old who can get a slim wallet into her jeans but that’s about it. I have tons of pants with room for meters, snacks, wallets, phones, etc. And it’s not even summer when…cargo short season starts!! Room for paperbacks, sandwiches, cameras…

If you carry strips in other than manufacturer container, you may want to check with the manufacturer first. The original containers are air tight and keep humidity/moisture out - which is important if you want to keep the strips viable.

The paperbacks thing just made me laugh out loud.

‘You never know where you’ll be when you need a good book…’

All the diabetes stuff is bulky and big. Try one of those shoulder purses,small, cool fabic, it goes from the shoulder to the hip, are usually beaded. It kinda looks like part of the outfit vs a purse. Taking the meter out of the case and only carrying the meter, strips and lancets helps. I use the tic tac box for my used strips. I have used a makeup bag for all my stuff. Those black bags that the meters come in really are ugly.

Bulky and big - no way
you should of seen the meters 20 years ago - they would not even fit in my big old pockets! Maybe in Acidrocks cargo shorts though!

I think the One Touch UltraMini is the smallest meter I’ve run into. It’s a bit longer than the Bayer whatever-its-called one but that one was a bit bulkier for my running rig and the case isn’t any smaller at all. I like having the case, just in case?

Addoms FreeStyle Lite is pretty small too. Just be sure when you get the strips that you specify “lite.”

I was there 20 years ago with a pump & meter. Your right they alot smaller than they used to be.

Take her purse shopping for whatever purse/bag she wants. Purses (especially big purses) are in. I get really depressed about having to carry around so much D stuff sometimes and the only way I can combat that is to have a nice collection of purses/bags that are suitable for just about every occassion! It almost makes it sort of…fun. Sort of.

My daughter is the same age…so I know what you are saying.

At school she carries her meter in a pencil bag that has 3 holes and fits in the rings of her main planner/binder. We use the One Touch Ultra and it is pretty small.

DD isn’t crazy about purses either, but she was willing to carry an over the shoulder hipster style purse. She likes Vera Bradley so we went there and got her the hipster and the pencil bag too. It’s a small purse but has different pockets for organizing. It’s all about fitting in at this age…

I always keep a stash of supplies in our cars and in my purse too.

Sounds like a typical female response - I bet my wife has 50 purses; maybe even 100! Purses all over the place - Almost as bad as shoes!