T:slim X2 and integrated Dexcom G5 always losing signal

Lately I have been getting very frustrated due to frequent loss of signal with the Dexcom G5 transmitter and the t:slim x2. I know I have heard of others run into issues, but for the longest time I had very few, now it is several times a day. The most frustrating thing is it will lose signal when it is only about a foot away, like on the opposite side of my body from where the sensor is. On top of that, when wearing a few layers, such as when outside in the cold, it will lose signal right up next to it even. I like having the CGM integration on the pump, but this is frustrating and frankly dangerous as I rely on it to alert me of low blood sugars in the night especially. Last night, while still awake I had came back from a walk/jog and I didn’t even feel low, but i checked with my meter to be sure since the CGM said it was just a little low, and it was freakin 41! Imagine if that had been in the middle of the night and it had lost signal…

Firstly, call Tandem and complain, nicely.
They will probably send you a new G5 transmitter.

They will tell you that your body will block the signal. Which is does, to a point.
I run xdrip on my phone, and it doesn’t back fill the data like the X2 or dexcom receivers do, so I know if/when I am loosing signal.
I know my phone will pick up the signal FAR better then the X2 will.
And I share your doubts on the reliability of this pump, especially if/when it will base your basals off these readings.
Personally, I think they are limiting the power of their bluetooth in favor of battery life. Well, I would be happy to charge it more often and know that I will have signal!

Btw, I use a spibelt, and keep the X2 on my waist a few inches away from the transmitter. I had been losing signal even then. They sent me a new transmitter, then when it kept happening, they sent me a new X2 pump. And while it will still happen, the new pump was definitely better.

Either way, they NEED to hear from more people about this so they can DO something about it!


The dexcom g5 non-touchscreen receiver will NOT do any data backfill. Guaranteed!

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I will try calling them about it. I think they must be limiting the power of the bluetooth, I never had this much trouble with the Dexcom receiver, it rarely lost signal, and when it did I could more easily move it since it wasn’t attached via tube lol. Yesterday it was failing to get signal and I had it less than an inch from the transmitter…And this is a brand new transmitter too!

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Yup, I had mine very close at all times, and it would still lose signal.
They replaced the transmitter, then when it was still losing signal, they replaced the pump. The new pump works better, but still loses signal.

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That almost doesn’t sound like it is worth the trouble.