New DHF Brochures, Do You Want Some?

We just received an order of new DHF brochures. The brochures include information about all of our programs, including No-Sugar Added Poetry, the Big Blue Test, Word in Your Hand,, and much more! Want to help promote our community and other awareness programs? Order yours today. Just email Emily your name and mailing address and let her know you are interested in promoting our work and she will send you a stack of brochures. You will also receive a one of our limited edition awareness program cards as well as a No-Sugar Added Poetry bookmark.

Front of brochure:

Back of brochure:

Limited Edition Awareness Cards:

Timing of this is great :slight_smile: …you have promised to mail to our vacation destination …thank you Emily !

Actually I thought you had asked for the TuDiabetes cards, so I just put those in the mail this morning. Did you want me to also send you a package of the DHF brochures?

Oh , I read incorrectly …apologies…TuDiabetes cards only is fine for now …N

Got mine yesterday! Can’t wait to stop by the hospital where I see my care team, my CDE already promised to use my stack at the check-in desk for the endocrine clinic!

That is great! Thank you so much!

Emily , the Maui directed package arrived in good order( before we did , traveling from BC , Canada :slight_smile: ) …love the key chain …thanks again …I did let Manny know too .

I’m so glad you got it and liked it!

We still have DHF brochures we can send you. Send me your mailing address if you would like some to pass out.

Does anyone want to help pass out DHF brochures? We will also send you some of our lovely magnetic 2011 DHF calendars that are great for your refrigerator or filing cabinet.

Just email me your mailing address and I will put the brochures, awareness cards, bookmarks and calendars in the mail for you!

DHF magnetic calendars will come with your package of brochures. One for you to keep and a few to give away! Email me:

Emily send me some b/f I go to my Dr.

Just a little reminder…if you would like some DHF brochures to leave at your doctor’s office or pass out at other places, just email me your mailing address. I will include a DHF magnetic calendar as a thank you!