TuDiabetes 4x6 cards for CDEs and Endos: anyone want to distribute some?

We recently received more TuDiabetes.com 4x6 cards, to help promote the community. These are ideal to give to your doctors, CDEs and other folks that you run into along the way who may benefit from being a member.

If you are interested in getting a stack of these, please send a message to volunteers@diabeteshf.org with your mailing address.

mail on way

Great! Are there business cards in the works? Also, what’s the status of the EsTuDiabetes flyer?

Hey Manny,

Send me somemore please! I’ve put them in my Drs office now let me try everywhere else. I know ppl don’t know whose putting them out but it makes me feel good when they atleast have access to know about tudiabetes!!!

Manny, would you want to send them overseas? If so, I can put a few out on shop noticeboards and maybe in my Doctors office.

BTW… 4x6 what? inches?

Hello Manny,

Please send me some cards. I have been promoting this website to others and would love to be able to give them a card to remind them.

Take care,

Sandy Graham

Exactly. Inches. About the size of a standard photo print or a slightly large index card. Figure roughly 11 x 16 cm.

We also have EsTuDiabetes 4x6 cards, Tmana.

Great. I e-mailed you my mailing info… if you could send some of these along as well, it would be very useful in this neighborhood :slight_smile:

Dear M,
I wish I could say yes, but the truth is we have to be very cautious with our expenses and overseas shipping of this kind of package could get quite pricey.

However, in this discussion there is a great PDF that you can download and print to pin it to noticeboards. Actually, anyone reading this topic can do the same, if you prefer to.

Thanks SO much for your support!!!

Sure will, Sandy. Remember to send me your mailing address at the email above.

Take care,

You are first initial B, last name initial B, right? :slight_smile:


Got mine yesterday–these are REALLY NICE cards.Will put my first out today as hubby has an outpatient surgery this afternoon…

Thanks! Good luck with the surgery, amiga.

We will very soon be sending out a big batch of 4x6 TuDiabetes cards to members who have asked for them.

If you want to distribute 4x6 TuDiabetes cards in your area, please let us know. Send me a private message with your full name and mailing address.

Thanks so much for your support!!

You’ve Got Mail!!!

Hook me up Manny. I will flood the KC community

Email sent to you. This is an awesome idea, and I’d love to participate!

First initial M, last initial B… animated siggy attached to my email as well, if that helps clear up the confusion. :wink:

Can you please email me your mailing address?