Want 4x6 TuDiabetes cards to promote our community?

We have a nice amount of 4x6 TuDiabetes.com cards to send to anyone wanting to help promote the community.

If you want some, please write to me at manny at tudiabetes dot org. If you asked me for some in the past and I didn’t get back to you, please forgive me and (if you still want some), let me know too.

you know how i like to promote TuDiabetes.com! send them away! you have my email, just send me an email and i’ll shoot you my address.


I will try and do anything to help promote us. You had ask me before if I wanted any flyers to put in my Drs office and I would love to get them. You have my address if you need it again please just e-mail me and I will send it to you again, Thanks for this wonderful site!!!

I just sent you both a message.

THX a ton!