Will Symlin help insulin induced hunger?

I have been wondering if I should try symlyn. I feel constantly hungry when I take insulin and I've heard symlin can help with that. I have always been one to eat constantly, usually small meals and snacks. And I have had ibs for years, I'm not sure how that will affect that.
Every time I take insulin even for a correction I feel I have to eat something again.
I am worried about throwing something else in the mix though when I don't feel I've totally figured out the insulin thing yet to my satisfaction.
Do you think this could help me? I don't want to take this to lose weight, although if I end up gaining too much on insulin at some point I might I guess.

I just started symlin a couple weeks ago and it has certainly helped reduce my hunger. I was *always* hungry, and now I'm just not hungry. I feel really really full after eating a small meal. It's great. I didn't have the nausea either, except for one day, and it was minor that day. But everyone is different.

Thanks Sarhow,

That is encouraging.. I'm going to ask my endo about it- I see him next Monday. I am worried if there is a nausea factor since I have digestive issues, but maybe I can try it and see how it works for me at least.

yes yes yes. I helped dramatically with my hunger cravings.

that's good it helped you.. it helps me too, but I feel sick too a bit and then I just go back to being hungry again.. when I need more insulin for correction.. lol :(