New Endocrinologist - Bay Area or Santa Cruz

I did a quick search and saw that a lot of people have asked on here before for recommendations on Endos. I left my wonderful Endo in Orange County for a new job in the bay area (while living in Santa Cruz) and have been astounded by what seems to be the lack of experience in the area, given the density of the population.

I would love to hear from anyone who’s got any experience with finding an endo (OR a PCP with a great diabetes background) that would be able to help me along my journey. I am willing to travel ANYWHERE in the bay area or Santa Cruz if it means finding someone great… now only if they were T1 also, wouldn’t that be a treat?

Thanks all in advance!

hi Graeme, I saw your request on Twitter about this and was JUST getting ready to send you this link to the Endocrine Society. They have a link there to “find an endocrinologist”.

Maybe some of our Bay area members will personally send you a recommendation. let me know if you need me to give them a little nudge.

I have a STUPENDOUS Endo at Oakland Kaiser. Since you didn’t mention Kaiser as your provider, I’m not sure it will help. Her name is Hasmik Arzumanyan. Not sure if this is helpful. :slightly_smiling:


Thanks @MarieB! That certainly yielded more results than what I was coming up with before. I hope to hear from some of the Bay Area folks soon!

@mrmikelawson You’re right in your assumption. Coming from So. Cal, Kaiser doesn’t have the best reputation but I am hearing the exact opposite for up here. Thanks for your recommendation regardless!

I see Dr. Karen Earle in San Francisco. She is a good listener and is not afraid to try new therapies. Most of her practice is with type I diabetics. She does a good job and her office staff respond well to prescription requests.

I see Dr Cherlin in Los Gatos. I have been a patient of his for many years. He is great with Rx’s and is on the teaching staff at Stanford I believe. He is smart, calm, and doesn’t make you feel badly about test results or A1C’s. He always offers ideas and options for better control and is very up to date with the latest treatments/devices.

I’ve heard amazing things about Sharan Gill in Capitola. She’s part of PAMF (Palo Alto Medical Foundation). Wanted to see her, but the wait was longer than I could manage, so saw someone else with the idea to switch to Sharan later.