Looking for an endo who is also a type-1 diabetic in the Bay Area

Does anyone know of a good endo in the Bay Area (San Francisco Bay Area) who is also a type-1 diabetic? I’m tired of endo’s who don’t understand diabetes and toe the ADA line strictly.

Alright, any endo in the San Francisco Bay Area who is very good and understands Type-1 diabetes, then? I’m desperate, guys!

Where in the bay area are you. There a several who might fit the bill depending on the area you are in.

I’m in Dublin, CA. I currently see an endo who is really not very good about diabetes treatment…he mostly cares for type-2 diabetics and not very interested in being more involved in my type-1 diabetes details. I’m willing to go to any place here, radius of ~50 miles, to see someone good.