New Flying Regulations

Apparently, you are not allowed to get up out of your seat from the last 60 minutes of the flight, and you are not allowed to have ANYTHING out (books, newspapers, ipods, etc). I wonder if they make exceptions for glucose meters, insulin, etc. Anyone have experience lfying in the past couple of days since the new rules?

They did mention that this was for international flights, but in my local paper, it mentioned a NY-Tamoa fight had placed these restrictions during the end of the flight.

LOL! If someone hid explosives under a wig, we’d be required to have our heads checked by TSA.

Was speaking with my mother today. I said the same thing about passengers being strapped into seats like the electric chair. Maybe restraints will automatically appear to hold us in place if, heaven forbid, we want to read a book. My mother’s flying to visit us on Tues. Short flight & curious to see what new restrictions are in place.

Heard from someone that this guy was already on their high alert list (or whatever it’s called). Anyone know if this is true?

What if you have to use the BR? Go in your seat?

Maybe people will need a doctor’s note, like a hall pass in elementary school, for the privilege of using the bathroom!

I am flying back home to Ohio from GA on Wednesday. I will let you know if they keep me strapped to my seat, eyes straight ahead and no looking out the window for the last hour of a hour and 20 minute flight…

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my sister and her family…which include her 4 year old daughter (red hair…so you all KNOW what kind of child she is :slight_smile: and a 9 year old son…and a nerd for a husband, but that is aside from the point…anyways, they are flying from iowa to pittsburgh, PA today. i will have her give me the scoop on the restrictions during their flight.

i feel sorry for the flight attendants who are onboard with my crazy (yet adorable) fire engine red haired niece…haha!! she will NOT want to sit still without a dvd or a barbie doll…

I just arrived home in Western CO - travelling from St. Louis on United Airlines. There were no additional restrictions while in the air. Maybe a little more adherence to when travelers are allowed to use electronic devices.

But on the ground, TSA was pretty overboard when my pump set off the metal detector. I went through the regular wand treatment, and a pat down (I had this outbound before the recent scare). And then - in an absolute coup de grace of international terrorism control, my pump, my Dex, my shoes, my mobile, and my digital camera all got separate sniffing/wiping detection for explosives. About 15 minutes in all - not too ridiculous.

If you think the added scrutiny was effective - think again. A closed glucogon pen case went through without a second look. As did a wad of syringes, many little test strip canisters, a vial of insulin, a vial of Symlin, a handful of sports gels…I could probably go on and on.

The only things things that have made flying safer since 9-11 are cockpits being secured, and passengers knowing to take independent action against hijackers.Everything else is pretty damn ineffectual.

My advice if you’re short of time when flying? Pull your pump off and throw it in your carry-on. I wasn’t this time - and I wanted to see what and how procedures had changed. - Oh, and don’t dis the poor TSA slobs running the security gates - they don’t write the procedures. Smile and raise your arms…

I’m wondering why Airport Security didn’t a) do a bag check on me, b) question what this was and c) why I’m able to pull out a syringe and powder in the middle of an airport terminal and take this picture. What do you think?

it’s quite an imperfect system. have a friend who has flies a lot and has the misfortune of being on the ‘watch’ list and is constantly being pulled out ‘randomly’ for a security screening. don’t know how he got on the list and doubt he will ever get off it.

Sweet! I think it poses the question - What are effective and reasonable security measures? They say El Al has the most secure flights in the world - but check-in and boarding are long and arduous. Any body fly the Israeli airline of late?

I just flew from London to New Jersey on New Years Day on British Airways. While in the airport there was increased security and we all got patted down (I had no problem with my pump just a “but you’re so young to have diabetes” comment) on the plane we did not have to remain seated until we started to descend, about 20 minutes before the end of the flight. They also had no problem with people keeping things out.

most of these new rules are for international flights only. My hubby flies several times a week and hasn’t seen a change in any of his security measures or flight crew, except he said they no longer announce landmarks during the flight. I think the rules also state nothing can be on your lap. . but, I don’t know that they address things being in your pockets. May be time for new clothes with big pockets! LOL

I flew from London to Boston on the 30th. There was an extra security search at the gate and they pulled out my small tub of peanut butter to look at but then let me have it. Everyone was patted down but apart from that, there were no extra restrictions. We didn’t have to stay in our seats till the last 20 minutes of the flight, which is the usual routine. No complaints here.

We just flew to NY from FL today and went through security pretty quickly. They told me my daughter would have to take off her pouch before going through the gateway, but I told them it was an insulin pump and they said ok and didn’t bother to look at it. It didn’t set off any alarms…they checked out some liquid medicine, and that was it. Going to FL from NY they threw away some pudding I had for the girls, but aside from that, also pretty smooth. Both ways we were allowed to hold things (games, books, etc.) and they were pretty smooth flights.

Sounds like deja vu in some cases …I have been patted, stood legs apart in Schiphol , Amsterdam airport
( as a Canadian …here I was a bit upset , having lived in the Netherlands for 23 years and still speak my Mother tongue ) , showed my pump at our local International airport and received a nod from personel well before the latest encounter in Detroit , gave up H2O bottle because I forgot it was in my backpack , travelled Internationally and Nationally …you have put us at ease: travelling by air to Palm Desert , Jan . 29 .

I almost was hassled for taking off my insulin pump while going into work, cause I have scanner that I have to walk into and if go in with my insulin pump. the scanner can screw up my pump. the guard almost flip when I came out of work, cause she said I needed a pass from the supervisors for carrying a device, I simply told her, the pump isn’t a luxury item and I finished off by taking my insulin and walked off, then told her to be careful cause I feel like you discriminating for my condition, and I know by law she can’t do that.

I guess I will have to bring a pipi bottle, or do they make big diapers? I can barely fit into my pants now there may not be any room. Hope this insanity applies to the USA only.

My mother flew from NYC to VA & back today. Aside from her plane being 7 hours late for a less than 2 hour flight, she went through no inconveniences with increased security measures. She said it was the same level of annoyance as it’s been for the last few years.

my plane was as late, we were suposed to leave at 4:55 and left at 7. Well i’m sitting waiting,looking at the stupid monitors, watching to make sure nobody is boarding without me (in case i sat in the wrong place or something) and i notice the times getting pushed back. The captain came out and explained that they might have to get a new plane and we did. EVERYBODY moved down to the new gate, but we don’t board. So i went to use the bathroom and get a drink real quick and everybody boarded the plane… without me. I so wanted to bust into tears, cuz the people were not nice about it. Luckily the captain saw me and said to let me on! Never trusting late flights again!