New (FREE) Fitness Challenge!


Our friend Christel Oreum is launching the 2nd fitness challenge that she holds at It’s a free, 4-week, physical fitness “challenge” for people living with diabetes (all types).

When you sign up you get articles, meal plans, workouts, activities, and community support. The challenge starts May 3rd, so go sign up!

To learn more go to:


Tried it last time, but fell behind. Going to try better this go-round!


@cynthia_rogers did a video interview with @Christel_Oerum in January. There was also podcast from February.


I’m in! Just signed up :wink:Been very inconsistent lately about exercise so i hope this will help me stay motivated.

Thx for posting about it!

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That’s OK, doing a little is better than doing nothing. You are welcome to join us again


Indeed, thanks for sharing that Brian


I´m in! :slight_smile: thank you for sharing…i´ll keep you posted

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