Join me a for a workout check-in?

I couldn’t find one, but maybe there’s a check-in already for working out. Come on, let’s start a new group. If you exercise regularly, great - we need you for motivation and for your expertise. If you’re just starting back after a long break - like me, then share your strategy. If this is brand new to you, just jump right in.

I haven’t started the new group yet because I’m waiting to see if there’s any interest.

Here are my details: over the last several years, I’ve gained a lot of weight and truthfully, I’m obese. I’m pretty much a stereotypical type 2 diabetic. And, I’m over it and done with it. I’ve started walking again, and that’s great, but I’m ready to add strength training. I just finished reading the New Rules of Lifting for Women and am thinking “why don’t I buy a nice workout DVD program, instead?” “Like Chalean Extreme or a Cathe Friedrich set.” I’m a klutz and I can’t do anything dancy - so I’ll stick to walking, elliptical for my cardio, and weight training to fight my insulin resistance.

I’d love for you to join me!!!

At 69, 53 as a type 1, the extent of my workout is a two-mile walk with my Pomeranian five times and nine holes of golf with my wife each week whenever the Wisconsin weather will allow.

I’ve just started exercising after a few months of being sick. I’m starting with 30 mins 4x a week. I’m using the Wii fit to just get moving again. If I’m not on the Wii fit, then I’m doing a Leslie Sanson Walk Away the Pounds DVD. Nothing too strenuous. I use small 2lb handweights when I do the dvd. Gotta work my way up to the gym!

Good for you! Sounds like you’re doing great. I’m working up to longer walks and heavier weights. Slow and steady is better, I think.

I’d like to be part of a check in, if that’s ok with you. I’m a type 1, and exercise helps me a lot. Your post caught my eye because you mentioned Cathe Friedrich!!! I LOVE her, and have practically all her DVD’s. I got back into exercising with her videos. That was 10 years ago.

I do lots of walking and elliptical training, too. I use mostly Cathe for strength training, but i have others as well. Right now I am trying to do a Power90x rotation, and it is hard as heck (Don’t recommend it if you are just starting out!)

I’m no expert, but I’d love to offer support and motivation, as well as hold myself accountable with a check in!!!

I’m interested in improving my amount of exercise. It’s a vicious circle, the less energy you have the less you want to exercise. The more you exercise, the more energy you have. Living in Northern Ontario, this last winter has been terrible for getting out and walking! I’ve gained 20 lbs in the last 8 months and that’s probably the reason I’m now on Metformin. I’ve been watching my carbs and keeping a food diary, but I can’t seem to get my BS down below 8.2+/- Sooo I need to get off my duff and exercise more. Hopefully some sort of check- in would make me more responsible to following whatever program I start. Thanks for starting this. Keep in touch!

I love Cathe too! I can’t do her cardio (I have no endurance - yet) but can manage some of her easier strength training like pyramids. Hats off to you for doing the P90X - that’s determination!

I need the accountability and I get motivated by everybody else’s success.

Yeah, it looks we’ve got a good group going here.

I’m ready to add a new group for us. Anybody care to suggest a name?

That’s sounds great. Walking and golf are good cardio.

Gail - everything I’ve read agrees with what you’ve said. I was surprised to learn that strength training is actually more effective for blood glucose control than endurance exercises like elliptical or running. But, the cardio makes me feel so much better.

Carol - three times a day? One of my favorite cook book authors (Pam Anderson) lost a lot of weight by walking several times a day. I think I’m going to follow your example and try walking 2x a day and see if I lose weight a little faster.

Well, today I was so sore from the P90x I had to skip a workout!!! Felt guilty all day, but my body was just not having it!

As far as Cathe cardio, she does have a beginner type workout called Basic Step or something like that-it might be something you want to look into. Leslie Sansone is good, too (not as intense as Cathe, and really good low impact.)

Thanks for starting this thread! I’m looking forward to checking in!

Hello Yvonne. I would love to join your group when you start one. Im also a type two diabetic and my weight had been an issue. Right now I do workouts three to four times a week. Zumba Fitness Workout, Taebo Cardio by Billy Blanks, Taebo boxing by Billy Blanks and Grind workout by Tina Landon. I find these workouts practical and relatively easier and manageable. My husband and I also do a 45 minute brisk walking at night.

I’d be interested in this as well. Right now I’m only doing walking and my treadmill. I’m still a little too heavy to be doing all the other stuff. But I thing a group like this would be very motivational. Maybe we could name it :encouragement thru excersise. Funny thing, I remember when I was younger my favorite thing to excersise to was Richard Simmon’s Sweatin to the oldies. :slight_smile:

Exercise Check In for Health???

I just created a new group – Read, Set, Let’s Go! It’s an exercise check-in, a place for fitness encouragement, - anything we want it to be. Don’t think you need to be a fitness fanatic to join the check-in, this group is for everyone.

Super job Yvonne! What did you decide to Name the Group…so we can go to the Group Page and join? Any ideas on how you’re working it? Are we going to check in daily…what are we going to list daily… just amount + type of exercise or any other stats?

Well, first I’ve got figure out what I did with it . . . I called it Ready, Set, Let’s Go and it’s gone.

Ok, I found the group and signed up. Just go to the groups page and in the upper left corner in the “find” box type in the word ready and click on the magnifying glass and it will lead you right to it.

Hi Yvonne,
I’d like to join your new group. Weather permitting mornings, I walk up and down hills in my neighborhood with a neighbor (45 mins. per day) weekdays (some days I wear a 1 1/2 lb. weight on each ankle “to build strength” leg strength) and go to the gym evenings when I can drag my hubby along, about twice a week lately. While at the gym, I use some of the machines. I’d like to start adding strength training, weights, at the gym. So count me in. Best regards, Lucy