New group on Tudiabetes - CGM Users

I know that already there are several members of TuDiabetes who are using a continuous glucose monitor.

Despite the challenges of these, we’re actually the lucky ones. There are a lot of folks out there who have not yet been able to try the CGM devices for lots of reasons.

So I started a TuDiabetes group for CGM Users. Join up if you’re using a CGM, or thinking about a CGM. And there’s already a topic for folks who are actually on a CGM device.

Let’s spread some of the learning that we’ve already had.

Also, I’ve posted on my regular blog some information about the Dexcom SEVEN system. It’s not a lot, so don’t get too excited. But there’s almost nothing out on the web about this new device, even on the Dexcom site.

If I do manage to get a trial for the SEVEN, I’ll be sure to update you all about it.