New group to help T1D's manage living life to its fullest?

Hi, I might be interested in starting a new group on TuD for people trying to manage their T1D while living a life full of activities and a busy schedule. I personally do a lot of community theatre stuff, and sometimes managing a rehearsal schedule and eating on the run causes havoc with my BG's, and I don't always feel like I manage BG's while I'm on stage for an hour at a time very well. I can also see this being a place for people to talk about managing diabetes while traveling, or how to handle unusual activities that could be problematic, such as skydiving or hikes in remote areas. Could be T2's too, especially those on insulin and managing the issues that can result. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Great idea!!!!

I agree. My work/schedule makes consistency difficult to manage. I travel extensively and have experienced plenty of issues along the way (e.g. Over estimating insulin needs and having a hard low in a hotel room. I do manage, but I definitely go through periods where I feel ready to burn-out (although I still plug along).

It seems like there could be interest...does anyone know how to start up a new group?

Personally, I find this sort of topic is much more useful to discuss in person. Have you considered attending or even starting a Type 1 group in your area? I started one with the support of JDRF (a specifically type 1 women's group). I moved away from the area but it is going strong 4 years later! Great source of support for all aspects of type 1 and LIFE!

I would love to, but I live in a smaller city, and there are only a dozen or so T1's that are active in our whole area. We do see each other at Minimed pump classes a couple of times a year, which is nice. Any Type 1 groups fizzle out within a month or two. I have thought about a "meet up" group, and the TypeOneNation site is helpful.