New guy on the block

My first posting, how about that? Who am I? Well I’m a male, are there any more males here? Mostly it are women I have noticed on other boards. Also, good looking and getting pretty old, next month 79 if I’m lucky! In my 49th year of diabetes type-1 (always wanted to be number 1) On 5 needles per day because my skin doesn’t allow the pump’s sticky tape. My wife is Johanna, we know each other 61 years of which married 58 years and counting. She is getting used to me she says. I live in Canada, Vancouver Island in BC. Near Vancouver but you need to row over to the Island. LOL. The ferry goes faster… 54 years ago came to Canada from Holland also by rowboat…LOL We are Canucks now! I saw a different board for Canada here, do I have to enroll there as well? Or is this good for the whole show ? Well I wish you all a good life, don’t eat candies or big cakes. Unless you want to leave early for the hereafter…? I hope I fit in? Will try anyway !

Greetings from JOHNBEN.
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Where does this go?


Welcome to TuDiabetes Johnben!!

I think that you will fit right in and be able to teach us a lot (49 years of experience)! When will your 50th Diabetes anniversary be?

There are other men on the site as well :slight_smile: Hopefully some of them will respond so you can see for yourself!!

What you have posted here is called a “discussion” because people can reply to it as if we were “talking to each other”.

I saw that you joined the group for Canadians. Now that you are a member of our community, you can join any group. That is a way to find people that you have something in common with! Click here to search the groups.

Look forward to getting to know you more! I think that you will love this community!!

Hey, Johnben. Seems like you’re finding your way around the community a bit. This is a discussion board where members can join you in conversation on a particular topic. When you post a discussion, you can place it in a specific “forum” that relates to your topic. When members reply, it will be listed here along with links to who those members are.

You also have the ability to post “blogs” or journal entries and members may comment on what you’ve written by leaving you little notes. These are normally not conversational - a way to vent, share an anecdote, etc.

As for the Canada “group,” that’s just a small portion of the community where you can find members who are also Canadian and start specific discussions there. (We are a global community and include members from the Middle East, Australia, Europe, etc.) I belong to over 20 groups - groups for the kind of insulin pump I use, a group for Texans, a group for women, etc.

Hi Johnben,
Well, you did indeed get women to answer you first but I am sure the guys will be along shortly. Welcome to our family. We are indeed over 6000 members strong but we truly are family. And what we do, is help each other. We support each other, we grieve together, we discuss, we laugh we joke, we tease, we support, we ask, we vent, we complain, we brag, and we support. We are big on that last one. There is absolutely nothing we cannot get through together And i agree with Melissa, our groups are great. In our forums you can find all kinds of information. And our discussions can start out with one topic and wind through all kinds of different ball parks. They are always great.
I am glad you brought your sense of humor and are sharing it with us. It is really great to have you here with us and I will look forward to talking with you again.
Blessings be to you.

Thank you all for your replies. If I only could find my way around…

JOHNBEN,. in the dark!

It is quit alright when only woman reply, if a man replies I appreciate it of course but when it comes down to it I like women better than men,LOL always did!

JOHNBEN, a one-woman lover.for 61 years. You know I’m even getting white hair!
Still have hair as well, how lucky can you get?
Just askin!

Hello Johnben!

Are you getting around ok?

hey Johnben, it’s really great to meet you. Welcome to TuDiabetes and thanks for posting! I there are a LOT of males here! You can join as many groups as you would like. The more places you say HI the more people will say HI back. I have had type-1 for only 31 years and it was scary enough back then… I bet you could tell stories. There are some folks here with 60+ years of diabetes too. take care

Manny recently posted a video about how to find other members who share your interests, etc - click here to see it - I was curious to see how many of each gender we have here. As of today, 1,861 male, 3,025 female. I think perhaps some people chose not to identify as either.

Well Thank you all for the replies. Yes will find my way around…I’m a big boy now you see,LOL

JOHNBEN or also JB.

Glad to met you , no your far from the only male here but we are out numbered.