This is bothersome!

I’m a new member here. Posted my intro posting on this type-1 forum. Coming back later it has disappeared. Someone takes it away from here? What do I do wrong? Can someone tell me? Under forum on my puter there is NO GENERAL board either as being told that I should go there. I like my postings on here in type-1. HELP!!!

Johnben, desperate!!!

Johnben, I will get the Welcome Committee to help you. In the meantime, don’t lose hope. Comment on others’ postings and perhaps write a blog post. People will comment back to you. We would love to hear your stories of the old times, and your secrets to staying healthy.

Johnben, because you posted the same discussion (give or take) in multiple forums, we (the administrators) deleted or moved them around so that it appeared only once. Sorry for the confusion. We try to make our community less muddled - not more so. So we do apologize. We are constantly watching for multiple postings of the same material because it could be a form of “spam,” if you know what that means.

You can also post more about yourself on your own profile page.

Hi Johnben! I have re-labeled your old discussion. You should be able to find it under type 1 forum now! Best wishes!

Hey John,
Welcome to the community!
I can directly help you with one of your questions by providing the link to the General Forum:

As for why your post is being removed, I’m not quite sure, and don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction.
Your issue is very important to us, and I’ll make sure someone contacts you ASAP.

if the man want to post in Type 1, the man shall post in the Type 1 forum!
Have a great time here, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

I think I am as confused as Johnben …his original (?) posting is under Groups/Canada …with 2 responses …Johnben are you aware ??