New HA1c self tests

I have been seeing more online ads for the Bayer A1cNow self testing kit. Has anyone here had experience with this new meter? How good is it? What is required for the test?

It’s pretty good… Was only off 0.2 from my real A1C (at the lab)… It comes in kits of 2, 4, or 10 tests, and it’s disposable. It really doesn’t require any more than a regular glucose meter… and eating before using it doesn’t affect it, like a regular A1c test. Get instant results at home, and don’t have to mail anything. I like it cus it helps me know how I’m doing, and that I’m not missing anything, while I wait for the actual A1C labs… :slight_smile: Online, using google shopping, they are cheapest… sometimes free shipping, too :slight_smile:

I bought one from my local drug store and tried it out. They’re supposed to be pretty accurate. I liked it because it was really cheap. It cost me 30 bucks, and has 2 tests, so that’s 15 bucks per test. Cheaper for me than a doctor’s visit right now. :slight_smile: And, it was not that complicated to use. (I highly recommend watching the instructional video that comes with it.) It’s not exactly like a regular blood sugar test, but it’s not very hard to figure out how to use it, and it takes just a regular finger prick and about the same amount of blood. I highly recommend it.

I’ve asked this before, too, and was told by all respondents that it’s very accurate. I just bought one at my last grocery store trip, but haven’t used it yet.

I used it back in 2005 – so I don’t think they are very new. I think that they are somewhat less accurate than in the laboratory, but my endo used them as well – so I decided that it was good enough.

I like them- cheap, easy to use, pretty accurate ( .1-.2 off from lab work)

I have tried it recently and it was a bit off from my lab work done less than a week later - 0.4 off lower than the lab work. (at home test - 4.7 and lab work less than a week later - 5.1%).