New here and I have a question. Type 2

Hello to all. Being reading this site alot but this is my first post.
Why is is that when I eat my blood sugar goes down? Like last night
I checked my blood sugar level 1 hour after eating it was 148, then I had
a protein snack, an hour later it was 92. So lately if my blood sugar is between 120-140
I eat a snack and it goes to the 80-90 range. The opposite of what I used to do.
Before if my sugar level was 140 if I ate someting it would go higher.
Any one experience this. I control my type 2 diabetes with diet and exersice.
Just seems strange that my level goes down when I eat. Thanks in advance.

Did you exercise one day and not the other, one day more strenuous than
the other day ? Exercise has lasting effects on ones blood glucose levels.
Maybe too it depends on what you eat later on, how many carbs in each
Are you newly diagnosed, you could be going through the Honeymoon Period.
This is when your pancreas works better for a short period when newly diagnosed.
It could take place months after being diagnosed.
Maybe when you eat you stop your liver from dumping glucose. Maybe your systems
recognize the glucose being injested better now. Your pancreas would than secrete enough
insulin to cover your diet and not have to try to cover both, your diet and the liver dumping.
Actually it could be so many variables making this happen.

Thanks for the respone… The honeymoon is over been a type 2 since 2001. I have never had a h1ac over
7 since then, but now I’m trying to get into the 5’s. The only thing that has changed is I upped the exercise.
I jog 4 days a week and hit the weights 2 times a week. I’m also eating less, trying to loose some weight.
The only thing I can think of is that I’m not eating enough and my liver is steadily dumping glucose. If the number
is high all I have to do is eat. Carbs or protein it does not matter blood level goes low in about an hour.
I have an appointment with my doctor at the end of the month. I want to see what he says. Thanks again Ray for the response, I really appreciate it.

Enjoy that is a miracle.

I think your assessment about your liver breaking down glycogen is probably adequate and eating some protein may prevent that from happening. Sound like you are very well controlled…that is an inspiration

Thanks to all for the responses…

Happened again last night. Was 113, 2 hours after eating. So i had a protein shake(40 grams protein 6 grams carbs)
and 1 hour later 89.

I soooo wish that could be me! You’re lucky :wink:

Thanks Vicki…Guess I have to re-learn myself. Everything is now the opposite. Before if my blood sugar
was high, I would walk for 30 minutes. Now if I do that it continues to rise. Now I have to check and if it’s high
eat a snack. Now I’m going to try eating larger meals to see if my blood sugar stays in acceptable range. Seems
when I eat small meals I have to eat 2 hours later to bring it down.

My highest bg levels are always in the morning - fasting. I was told the reason for this is because if we are too empty our liver puts out glucose to give us energy. The Diabetes Educator I am seeing told me to have 1/2 cup of skim milk before bed and it has brought my fasting glucose down. I, too, used to get high readings after eating (2 hrs), but since I’ve been on metformin for just a little over a month, the numbers are all coming down into the normal range. If you are controlling your diabetes with diet and excercise, you are having great success - your body is using that food efficiently. You should be very proud, I think.

Thanks Jane…
I control my diabetes with diet and excercise. I will try the 1/2 cup milk before I got to sleep.
Thanks again.


So today my levels where acting up. For lunch I jogged for a couple miles then at a sandwich. Only carb was the
bread. 1 hour later my blood sugar was 149 a little high for the amount of carbs I ate. So I ate a Twix bar( 37g of
carbs) 1 hour later 123. So i figured it was going in the right direction. 1 hour later now, level is 97.
This is driving me insane. Thank for letting me vent.

Sometimes this happens to me, but not usually.

I think I am a T2, but my dr has not specifically said that I am.
She says I need to lose some weight (20lb) so put me on metformin to help me lose it.

I sometimes might have fasting bs of 120-140 at 7am, then have coffee with diet cocoa and sugar-free creamer in it (about 8-10 grams of carbs) and my bs goes down to 105 or so. My family doctor just says when I ask her about that, that we all react differently to many things and that I should just monitor what it is and react appropriately.

I am going to try the milk before bedtime, too - thanks, Jane

I have also sometimes had the lowering after having a protein diet shake, too.
I knew I would miss lunch so I had it early and bs went from about 120 before down to 100 after I have it.

I worry sometimes that it may go too low without my having any clue, so I have been burning up the test strips until I get it figured out.