New here and looking for d-friends

Hello everyone!

My anme is Rachel and I have had Type 1 diabetes for the last 14 years. I am currently 23 years old and for the first time I am reaching out to my fellow diabetics so I can get tips and tricks on diabetes! I also just want a community I can talk to regarding anything everything. I don’t have any friends or ever have had friends with Type 1 diabetes. So hopefully I can make make some friends here! I am willing to exchange emails or phone numbers with anyone that wants to talk!

Nice to meet everyone :slight_smile:


Welcome to TuDiabetes, @rrrach29!

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Welcome Rachel. This is a great group, lots of folks with lots of experience. I’m T1D with 25 years under my belt and STILL learning :slight_smile:

Hi Rachel,

I have been a T1D for 35 years now (diagnosed when I was 10), and have been through a few different experiences throughout my years. I would be happy to give you any info that you may want. I’m kinda new here as well, but the people here seem helpful.


Thank you Lorraine!

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Diabetes is FOREVER changing!

Thank you Tyler for welcoming me and telling me your story!

What kind of pump/injections are you using/taking?

I’ve never been on a pump, dr says since my BS is so unstable, I should just use insulin pens and check my sugar a few times a day. I use Tresiba as my long acting insulin once per day, and Novolog before meals. I’m in dialysis for kidney failure now, trying to get on a list for a kidney/pancreas transplant. I was in a coma about 15 years ago, hopefully that won’t happen again. Do you take injection, or are you on a pump?

Nice meeting you,

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I’m about to start on Tresiba! Does it work well for you?

But yes hopefully there are no more comas for you in the future.

I am taking injections everyday, no pump.

Yes, so far so good. I was on 2 Lantus shots a day, I’m only on 1 of Tresiba. I take the shot in the morning, just have to make sure I have a snack before I go to bed (which is usually the middle of the night for me lol). Seems like the Tresiba peaks in the middle of the night, for me.