New here, feeling very alone

I was diagnosed insulin-dependent T2 last xmas. My problem is, I am much more sick than well. My home and marriage are falling apart because I’m so rarely functional. My symptoms are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme weakness (cannot lift head from pillow),shortness of breath, heavy feeling in my chest, and my feet become swollen at the ankles and very painful. My glucose is about 180 when I feel this way, again which is most of the time, which my dr seems to feel comfortable with. I’d say 5-6 days out of 7 are sick days. Sorry so long. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Thank you so much.

First off Rachel welcome! I am so sorry that you are having such a terrible time. I am not a Dr. although I worked in the Health Care field for many years and I am definitely not an expert on diabetes but these symptoms are troubling to me. What does the doctor say about them? You say you were diagnosed as a insulin dependent T2. Are you sure you are not a T1 or T1.5? Had you been diagnosed as a T2 previously? I personally think something else besides the D is going on. What meds are you taking? 180 is awfully high and I can’t understand why this is acceptable to your doc. What kind of a doctor is he? I think you need to find another doctor ASAP preferably an Endocronolgist. Maybe someone else will have more insight to your problem. You definitely have come to the right place. There many knowledgable and helpful people here. You are not alone!

I will be praying for you. Please let us know what happens.

Hi Sareln,

Thank you SO much for replying. My dr is a family practice dr. I don’t know much about T1 or T1.5. I’m 39, so I wonder if that’s why I was diagnosed as T2 rt away. I take Metformin 850 mg 3x daily, and Lantus at bedtime. My lantus dose all depends on my glucose reading from the morning. My dr is a nice man, but at one point I had ketoacidosis, and he sent me home and told me to rest and drink water. I wonder if maybe because I’ve gone to the dr very sick with readings in the 600’s, he has given up on me. I will call my insurance tomorrow to get a list of specialists. I will have to study about the other types of diabetes, as I took the drs word. I know that I cannot keep going on this way. My husband is threatening to leave me, as I’ve not been able to keep up my wifely duties, and he is tired of that. I will take your advice, and see a different dr. I am worried something more is wrong due to the chest pain/heaviness and ankles and feet. I used to be a healthy person! I’ve always struggled w my weight, but I don’t know how this all happened. Thank you so much. I am getting confused again so I will take a nap and come back Thank you again.

It may take a while to get in to see an Endocronogist. If I were you I would head straight for an emergency room when you feel this way!!!

I have never heard of Lantus being used the way you are being told to use it. It isn’t meant to be used to cover highs the way you are using it. It is a basal insulin. But maybe someone else can give you a better explanation.

I usually don’t say anything about family problems because I don’t think it is right to get involved wiithout knowing all the facts. But please. Has your husband forgotten his wedding vows, “in sickness and in health”? Where is his concern for your health? He should be scooping you up and heading for the ER! I have more to say,but I won’t.

Please keep us posted.

My husband has always depended on me to take care of things. I’m not sure what is going on, but he doesn’t like me being ill. He kicked me in the back yesterday because I haven’t been doing my housework. I thought he was just kidding at first, but he yelled for a long time after. I think I will take your advice and head to the ER. I am sorry my posts are so negative and I’m sure they will get better in the future. Sorry!

Get thee to another doctor pronto! Any doctor who sends someone home with 600 BG doesn’t have a clue.

Some of the symptoms you describe could be DKA & I’d go to an ER right way. This usually doesn’t happen at 180 BG (or you’re higher at other times & don’t know it), but there could be something else going on.

If you have to wait too long for an appt with an endo, at least go to another internist or GP until then.

Insist that C-peptide test (measures how much insulin your pancreas is producing) & GAD antibody test (measures how much your pancreas is under attack) be done to get an accurate diagnosis so you can get proper treatment. Of coure, a full blood panel should be done. Important to get your thyroid levels checked also. Many women have undiagnosed thyroid issues & many diabetics have thyroid problems.

Trying not to scare you, so please forgive me, but shortness of breath, weakness, heaviness in your chest & swollen ankles could possibly be heart problems, electrolyte imbalances from the vomiting & diarrhea, or any number of things. This needs immediate attention.

if he kicked you in the back (which is abusive and nobody should put up with it) simply because you werent able to do your housework, what kind of husband is he?! not a very good one in my opinion, but like Sareln i thinks its probly not right to get involved without all the facts…
hope you feel better soon!

Hi Rachel,

Yes! I had those symtoms. I’m only prediabetic, but my doctor originally put me on Metformin after I failed keep myself under control by diet and exercise. I had the same symtoms that your described when I was on it. I tried calling him up, but only got the answering machine, so I did the irresponsible thing and stopped taking the stuff.

I do not recommend that anyone ever do that… but finding another doctor to help you out really sounds like the way to go.

I’m lucky. After that experience I have been able to control my levels with just diet and exercise.

wishing you all the best in get everything under control, hugs,

I’m sorry I have introduced myself under such bad conditions, but I’m going to go to the ER and ask for help. About my husband, he is usually pretty tough on me, but has never hurt me before. I think he is tired of me not cooking and cleaning very well. But I won’t worry about that now. I’ll go to the ER, and check in afterward. I just want to be ok so that I can get on with my life. Thank you again.

I am so saddened reading your post and so very glad you posted here. Going to the ER followed by being seen by an endocrinologist is a very good idea. Your diabetes needs to be evaluated and the correct regimen prescribed as well as see if there is something else going on or it is just out of control diabetes. Do let us know what happens.

I, like everyone else, am pretty horrified by what you say about your husband. That is abuse and Domestic Violence and when you get your medical problems stabilized I strongly encourage you to see a Domestic Violence specialist You don’t need to live that way.

amen to everything everybody else said. please go to the emergency room NOW. don’t even be concerned with that dick husband of yours. you have to take care of YOU. be safe.

Welcome to our community…I am new too but for the short while I have been here I have learned alot. And it feels good too talk with other diabetics. I am not a doctor or a specialist on this disorder but my comments are from my experience of 20 years of illness. but Was diagnosed with D in 1997. But the symptoms u are having seem to me to be more than just uncontrolled sugars. An Endo would be the way to go I also recommend you have an ANA test and possibly see a rheumotoligist. Lantus at night sounds very wrong to me should be a fast acting insulin…HHHMMMM Also with chronic disease it could also be possible that you might be experiencing depression. It happened too me and now finally we my doctors and I have found the perfect balance of meds for me. On the husband thing all I can say is I will put both of you in Prayer Good Luck …AND HEAD TO THE ERRRRRRR pronto like everyone else suggested. You can come in here and talk with people day and night its great… We D’s dont sleep…Lol


I’m glad to see you’re going to the ER today. I don’t think your doctor knows what he’s doing because type 2 diabetics rarely experience DKA.

Honey, you’re way too sick and not getting the right kind of help. As for your husband, please wait until you’re healthy and stronger to deal with his behavior. He sounds like he might hurt you if you try to stand up for yourself while you are too sick and weak to defend yourself. As you can tell from our strong reaction, your husband’s behavior is over-the-top bad.

And finally, don’t wait until you are more positive or feeling good to post again. We’re here to help you and encourage you - the real you; where you really are at this moment. Welcome to tudiabetes!

Very relieved to know you’re going to the ER. Take care of you! Don’t give another thought to your abusive husband for now. Kicking you in the back is horrific! There’s absolutely no justification for this. He’s tired of you not cooking & cleaning–too bad. Pretty rough on you in general–dump him when you’re feeling better.

Please keep us posted. We’re here for you.

i think HE needs to learn how to do some cooking and cleaning…thats what my dad does when my mom is sick. of course, me and my brother help alot while he’s at work

Hi Rachel -

Please post as soon as you can after the ER - we’re all concerned about you.

Oh Rachel - my heart is just weeping reading what you have written down. I have many of the same replies as others have said - so won’t repeat them - but man oh man - you are not well - and to be treated like that - urrrhhhh.

Hope all goes alright at the ER - and that the right action is taken. I had a friend who was treated similar to you - by their GP for their doctor. In the end, I got them into my endo - and they are doing much better - but due to the length of time before they sought proper help - have somethings that can’t be undone (rare from of neuroopathy that even I can’t pronounce - all related to uncontrolled diabetes).

So, we’ll all be looking out for you here - that’s how I’ve come to feel with this online community - I don’t feel so alone with dealing with my diabetes.

Regretably, your primary doctor doesn’t seem to be helping you manage your diabetes very well. I hope you arrange to see an endocrinologist asap. Your ER visit should clear the air regarding what is causing your symptoms. We look forward to your next post.

Please let us know how you are doing. I think you only live about 2 hrs…from me, so I may be able to help you in some way.


Hi Rachel: Gerri mentions getting antibody testing; you should insist on the full suite (GAD, IA2, IAA) and not just GAD. If you are antibody positive, you have Type 1 autoimmune diabetes, and you should insist on appropriate treatment. The C-peptide test shows how much insulin you make. I am so sorry about what you are going through, and I do hope we hear from you soon.