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Thanks for the answers. I spoke with my primary care doctor today and I like his attitude toward my (Our) way of thinking. He said that he would order the tests if my endo didn’t. I’m not sure he is as well versed in Diabetes care, but I like his stance. Today has been one of the first days I can remember my vision being clear… I think I’ve been like this for a while. I’m amazed how sharp everything is again. I’m hovering around the 100-120 range and working hard to keep it there.

I was doing pretty good on 500mg of Metfromin per day before my stomach decided that it would fight it. I asked for the ER version.

Have a happy 4th… and thanks again for your time.


Just thought I would give everyone an update. I’m hanging in there. I’ve switched to a pretty low carb diet. Not sure how long I can hold the low carb, but have noticed a couple interesting things. Maybe this will help someone/newbie reading this later on.

  1. My eyesight (was blurry) has returned to better than I ever remember it. I can’t remember when I was able to see this good. Makes me wonder how long I had this. I notice at 160 range it starts to get fuzzy on me.

  2. I have been holding 85-100 range most of the day for the last 3 days. I had been battling the DP in the morning (130-160), but I’ve been waking up testing and immediately drinking a protein shake with unsweeted almond milk. Seems to be working.

  3. We are ordering some new testing for my diagnoses. I’m working with my diabetes educator, as I’ve got them confused. The class really doesn’t fit me.

  4. I’ve been able to remove the dinner time medicine with the low-carb diet, as it was causing me to go low (49 before bed one night) I’m at one pill in the morning now.

  5. This is just a personal feeling, but when my back hurts… I think my pancreas is working? I’m sure this doesn’t make much sense, but if I’m free from back aches, my numbers are always higher. I’m hoping that break from the huge A1C numbers is giving it a well deserved break. (I know is just wishful thinking)

Other than that… Just reading and learning. I’ll keep you posted on the testing results.


Keep up all the great efforts @Bajahammer, as you can see (pun intended) the benefits first hand! A low carb diet is truly the way to go for reliable success… as Dr. Bernstein says… “ Small inputs, small mistakes.“

I’m interested in hearing more about your back and pancreas. Keep a log and be sure to share it with your D-Team!