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One of our members, @Melitta, has written a good deal about the misdiagnosis of people with T1D as T2D. Check out this:

There are about six antibody tests. Nothing conclusive can be inferred by only doing the GAD65 test. Melitta covers this in the above post.

Here’s another informative post by Melitta.


Thanks, @Terry4, for sharing some of my tips and info on getting correctly diagnosed. More information: Dr. Anne Peters (well-respected endo and editor of The Type 1 Diabetes Sourcebook) treats all of her lean adult patients with new-onset diabetes as if they have Type 1 diabetes, whether or not they are autoantibody positive. Yes, it is important to get a correct diagnosis, but if I were in Bajahammer’s shoes, I would insist on insulin therapy.


Regarding vision: I was diagnosed at A1c of 14.1. As the meds began to take affect, my glasses were useless. As my A1c improved, I got 2 new prescriptions in the first 4 monthes. It was frustrating (& expensive), but my vision has been steady since then.


Just wanted to say thanks for the tips and advice. I ran across my testing, I thought maybe someone could help explain it better than endo nurse. “Doctor says the results are normal/negative for type 1”

GAD 65, IA2 and Insulin Autoantibody Glutamic Acid Decaros65a

IA-2 Antibody

Insulin Autoanibody


Oatmeal makes me spike like hell too. The only time I eat it these days is in the afternoon if I’m borderline hypo. I’ve never been a breakfast eater anyway…if I eat anything at all in the morning, it’s meat & cheese. :cat:


Just thought I’d update everyone. First, thanks for all the links and replies. I’m learning more an more each day.

I’ve been pretty stable with a low carb diet. I wake up high (130-170), but I quickly work on getting that down into the 100 range. I’m able to hold the 100 range most of the day. I getting better at guessing the range before the finger stick. For me, I can tell by my vision. Clear we are good, fuzzy I’m high. Right now I’m taking Gipizide 5mp in the morning and before dinner. I tried the metformin, but it was too tough on my stomach.

I’ve requested a script for a Dexcom monitor, I’d like to see if I’m going low at night or if it is just the Dawn thing everyone talks about.

I’ll keep everyone posted.