New Insulin Pump Device Aims to Halt Dangerous Lows

Diabetes News Hound ran an article this morning about how Medtronic, the diabetes device maker, has launched a new product that works with continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps to help protect users from dangerously low blood sugar levels. It looks like this may go a long way in preventing deaths from insulin pump malfunctions as well as user errors. Check out the full article here.

I agree with your comments, Dave. I’d be worried that the pump would shut off if the CGMS read 55, even though I was testing at 100. I have a love-hate relationship with the CGMS. I can honestly say that it has not met my expectations. That’s not to say the newer generation isn’t more accurate…only time will tell, I guess.

My relationship with the CGMS is the same…I think I’m actually testing more now then before I got my CGMS - averaging 12 finger sticks/day.

I just can’t trust it’s readings most of the time. It has helped in some regard with balancing my nighttime patterns but again it’s still largely a guessing game as it’s not particularly accurate most of the time.

I hear the Navigator is pretty accurate and has good range.
I also hear the DexCom is good but has very little range.
I don’t understand with all the technology today, how DexCom
could make a reciever with absolutely no range ?

Thanks for all this info, Dave and others.IF AND WHEN I get the Medtronics CGMS, I do not plan to use it 24-7; Just to adjust basals and to hopefully wear on days or times when I am eating different foods or following a different schedule. I am blessed to not have hypo-unawareness and “pass- out” lows, but I still want to know when a low or a high “approacheth”,

I do not think that I would not want to have this new device shut off my pump., as a result of a low blood glucose reading from the CGMS in its current state. That is something I would want to do, should I choose to.

BTW, Medtronics has not shipped out the CGMS to me yet , on my request, until I can get IN WRITING that they do or do not offer refunds on the transmitter. I asked the sales rep based in California, at the coroporate site ( not the field rep here where I live), to get me such info. It has been well over 7-8 business days and I have not heard from them, She was initially adamant that as durable medical, the transmitter could not be returned within the warranty period. Then, she changed somehwat; and said she had to check with her supervisor and look up the information so I could get the current policy in PRINT. I have not received it via e-mail nor snail mail , yet, as to what is going on. I do get 80% coverage of the initial system and sensors, but I still want to know if the transmitter can be returned. Medtronics hasn’t yet given me a clear answer.
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I can deal with the lousy screen if it’s more accurate. I guess I wouldn’t
mind so much waitng the 10 hours in exchange for the better range.
I thought that all Cgm’s have a reciever how else would you hear the
alarms and get the info ?
I don’t know how a consumer can make a decission on which one
to buy. They seem to make, I Pods better than the Pumps and Cgm’s,
I don’t get it, why all the problems, i’m spending the money why can’t
I get a good/complete/95% accurate/one that’s works the way it was
drawn up to work ?

Maybe I will have to wait some time before buying one. I can’t put up
with this ■■■■■■■■, I have enough with my Pump !

Dave, how does one insert the Sure T, is there an
inserter for it ?

Thanks Dave, I didn’t see this before ? Do they come in 6 mm or 9mm needles or both ?
I will call up Tuesday to order a box on next supply. According to what you posted before
there appears to be a shortage of Sure T’s. Why is this, because of the lot 8 recall ?

Dave, thank you for the recheck on the MM return policy for the CGMS transmitter… Neither I ,nor the corporater sales rep, could find anything on the site about a return policy. I do believe you, Sir Dave, about getting a refund in your situation. Perhaps the policy has been changed since then? I just want to know in writing from MM; a “confirmation” as you referred to it, as to what the policy is. Maybe there IS no standard policy and it is decided on a case-by-case basis?

God Bless,


Thanks again, Dave. I will have to call Minimed. I haven’t heard from them in almost 2 weeks, and I wonder if they really want to sell this device to me. I am willing to give it a try, if I can get a written clarification, which should not be too hard to do…or so I initially surmised…

God Bless,