New insulin pump, not on the market yet but WOW

Dr. Kenneth Ward's studies at OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University), among others, have proven that the glucose readings are not affected by insulin and/or glucagon being injected nearby.
In our case, they will be about 1 3/4 inches (4.5 cm) apart from each other.

Hi Clare, not yet. New address: 965 Sutter St. #123 San Francisco, CA 94109 Thank you!

OK, I'll send it off as soon as the new one arrives and this sensor finally gives up the ghost.

Thanks Gil and FHS! I sort of figured that but figured "hmmm...anti bonking might come in useful..." I'm sort of used to lugging various things to munch on and drink along on runs so I'll just keep doing that.

if your phone blows up its easy to go to the apple store and get a new one. Replacing the dedicated receiver would be harder I think

"... walk into any store..."

Gil - I finally got the "low transmitter battery replace soon" warning on the G4 this morning. I am loathe to change the sensor so I'll wait until the thing actually does die and stick it in the mail to you if you still need it.